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Keeonean Trial Ends with Death
Keeonean, once a confidant to Minax and general in her army, has been murdered during his trial for crimes against Britannia.

General Keeonean was captured during the recent battle within the hidden valley near Trinsic. The military might of the Britannian Royal Guard combined with powerful magicks were able to bring him to justice. He awaited his trial while imprisoned in the Yew jails.

The trial occurred in the courthouse of Yew, the City of Justice. The Commander of the Royal Guard led the proceedings, having been granted the authority to do so by Lord British, and began by choosing seven honorable Britannians to serve as the trial’s jury.

The general was to be sentenced for a number of capital & minor offenses against Britannia and the crown, including illegal actions inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government, murder and attempted murder, conspiracy, and attempted kidnapping of our liege Lord British.

Minax, known to some as the Dark Temptress, appeared partway through the trial. Minax manifested in the form of an apparition, but although she was in a ghost-like state she still wielded considerable mystical power. Keeonean seemed to believe that Minax came to save him, but before the participants could react she lashed out and murdered him.

The ethereal form of Minax disappeared in the fracas that followed and she is still considered to be at large. The Commander of the Royal Guard emphasized to all Sosarians that, if seen, she should not be approached unless with a sizable contingent of the Royal Guard.

Published: November 2003
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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