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Journey to the Temple of Evil
At the behest of the Commander, the Royal Britannian Guard recently assembled in Ver Lor Reg, the Gargoyle city in Ilshenar. The Commander stated that the clues retrieved from an expedition into Ilshenar had been deciphered. They were to leave right away for the dungeon that once held Exodus. Clainin, Royal Mage of Britannia, would accompany them for part of the trip.

Along the way, the Commander revealed the secrets behind the clues. As they all knew, Minax was unable to travel to the Trammel facet. Apparently, she somehow compelled a minion lord of Exodus to produce a means for her astral self to project to that facet from Felucca. The minion had created such a device, and it was powered by a fragment of the fabled Gem of Immortality. It was up to the Royal Guard to retrieve this device.

A scout of the Royal Guard appeared to the adventuring troop, whose investigations within the dungeon had revealed its entrance was now blocked with a powerful magical barrier. The party wondered if the minion had learned about the collection of the clues and the journey to the dungeon. They suggested to one another that the minion and his device could still be within—why else put up such a defensive barrier?

Clainin cast a powerful counter spell, and soon was able to bring the barrier down. He excused himself and returned to his research at Castle British, and the Royal Guard ventured into the dungeon.

Soon after entering, the Royal Guard chanced upon the minion lord. Combat quickly ensued, but the minion, having been caught unawares, quickly fell. Two curious books sat upon nearby pedestals. One was entitled Analysis of Fragmented Anomaly, and the other Procedure for Transdimensional Self Conveyance. The contents of the books detailed the nature of the aural projection device, lending rationale toward how Minax was able to appear in the courtroom during Keeonean’s trial and kill him.

The Commander brought the books back to Britain to be examined by the King’s experts on such matters, with the hope of discovering a means to eliminate Minax’s new ability to project her astral self.

Published: December 2003
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