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The Riddle of the Sphynx
Lord British decreed that thwarting Minax, the Dark Mistress was of paramount importance, and his efforts toward accomplishing this were second to none. At the order the King, the Royal Britannian Guard gathered in order to investigate new information on Minax’s ability to project her astral self from the Felucca facet to Trammel—her aura had the ability to appear out of nowhere, kill its target, and vanish without a trace.

Lord British spoke to the Commander of the Royal Guard about a certain Sphynx that he once knew. Years ago, the King had saved the Sphynx from a certain dilemma, and he occasionally checked in on the ancient creature. He believed that this Sphynx might have knowledge of the shards that powered Minax’s astral projection device and ordered the Commander to take the Royal Guard to its lair at the “Forgotten Pyramid” of Malas.

The Royal Guard detachment, along with several civilian adventurers, made their way to the great pyramid. They approached cautiously, so as not to frighten or intimidate the Sphynx. Within short order, the creature appeared unto them.

The Guardsmen asked the Sphynx for information on Minax’s secret shards, impressing upon it that they spoke on behalf of Lord British. But, the Sphynx only spoke in riddles, and soon retired back into its temple.

The troop realized the Sphynx was hinting that one of the shards was nearby, held within the pyramid itself. They entered the temple, and after a time discovered the shard secreted within one of the ancient sarcophagi.

The team prepared to leave, their work completed, but as they did so the mummy of a long-dead Pharaoh came to life. It attacked them, and summoned others to battle against the adventurers—mummies, stone harpies, and sand vortexes quickly appeared to assault the guardsmen. But, the Royal Guard proved their Valor that day, and defeated the villains within short order.

The adventurers returned to Britain with the recovered shard. Once there, the Commander congratulated the troops before rushing off to give the shard to Lord British.

Published: December 2003
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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