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Hell Hath No Fury
Mere days ago it was that Lord British, King of Britannia, did summon his Royal Guard and put to them a quest. They were to meet with the high wizard named Grathinam, and from him they would retrieve an irreplaceable collection of shards from the Gem of Immortality. The guardsmen were to protect these shards until they were once again in our good King’s hands.

Within each fragment of the Gem of Immortality is held a Sosaria that is nearly a duplicate of our own. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of shards were created when the Stranger defeated Mondain and the Gem was shattered, and Lord British sought to retrieve them for a noble purpose of which only he knew.

As instructed, the Commander led the Royal Britannian Guard to the Lycaeum, where Grathinam was known to have safeguarded the precious shards gathered thus far by the Virtuous souls of Britannia. After a brief meeting, the wizard gave the Commander a satchel containing the wayward shards.

The troops prepared to return to Britain and the King, but were interrupted by a strange moongate that appeared on the scene. The aura of Minax stepped out of it, shouting against Lord British, stating that he will see the fruition of his plans.

The aura then lashed out, slaying poor Grathinam. But, as the aura turned to attack the stalwart Commander, our good King appeared and himself defended the leader of the Royal Guard!

During the fracas, Lord British deftly snatched a mysterious glowing artifact from the hand of Minax’s aural self—he later explained that Minax had a device that allowed her astral self to leave Felucca, so long as she continue to hold a wayward shard of her own. Relieved of her shard, the aura became vulnerable to attack, and the battle escalated against the Dark Temptress and her demonic horde, now pouring forth from her unorthodox moongate.

Sometime during the conflagration, the forces of good were able to destroy Minax’s aura, and her demon army quickly fell in the wake of her defeat.

The Commander rallied the Royal Guard back to the Lycaeum, accompanied by Lord British. The King expressed his personal thanks to the Guardsmen for their efforts in defeating Minax. However, something else seemed to weigh heavily ’pon the King’s brow, and the Commander suggested to his forces that they maintain a vigilant readiness over the next few days, in preparation for whatever may come.

Published: December 2003
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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