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Battle for Trinsic- Juo'nar's entrance
The disruption of war has ravaged the once fertile lands of Britannia. Families have been torn asunder; brave warriors and mages martyred and lost. In the midst of this destruction, men and women have put aside their daily lives to draw arms against Minax and her minions - in hopes of restoring order to the country they hold dear.

Our spotlight this week focuses on Siggi Sigurthson, a young traveler of Britannia, who has found himself drawn into this battle for Trinsic, and for all of the realm.

“I grew up on a small farm outside Vesper, along with my mother, brothers and sisters. My father was a mysterious person in our lives, dropping in every now and again with a pouch full of gold, trinkets for us kids, presents for mom and most importantly grand tales of the adventures that he had. I don't know when I decided to follow in his footsteps but I do know that it was at an early age. When I was eleven I expressed my interest in following in my father’s footsteps. Many long arguments followed and my parents finally agreed only after I refused to eat for eight days. My training went quickly and soon I found myself in the town of Vesper with a shield on my arm, a sword at my hip and a small pouch of gold. After wandering the town for a while I was aching to put my sword arm to the test so into the wilderness I went. I soon learned that sparring with my father is much different from having to fend off, and eventually run from, an enraged harpy trying to have you as a light snack. It was many scary hours later when I returned to Vesper, hungry, tired and with a sack of loot that I could barely carry.
“It was then that I was drawn out of the little world of Siggi Sigurthson and into the greater world of Britannia. I was passing over a small bridge, heading toward the bank to deposit my loot when I beheld a fearsome creature locked in combat with a pair of warriors, with the city guard looking on, doing nothing about this horrific creature rampaging through town. Knowing that this creature, which I later found out it was a troll, was more than a match for me I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and ducked behind the bank and hid, watching the fight, fearing for my life. Little did I know that that would only be the first of many times that I would decide hiding was my best option. Since then I have ducked many a troll out for my blood and even killed a few. It gradually seeped into my mind that something was not right, not just for me, but for everyone. At the time I did not know what it was. Rumors were spreading that towns across the land were seeing such attacks and many were paying a price to defeat them.

“A fair bit later, more experienced and traveling more widely I arrived in the town of Cove. This is a small peaceful town, or so I though. I wandered into the healers and was discussing the price of various things with the vendor when the door opened quickly and slammed shut just as quickly. In ran two men dressed only in gray robes, their eyes wide with fear and breathless from running hard. Then the pounding began. A quick glance out the windows showed that the building was surrounded by nearly thirty headless. Fortunately they were too stupid to figure out how to work the door latch. As I was watching out the windows I saw a horseman gallop by followed closely by a number of gazers and one that was a particularly nasty shade of green. The fight for Cove was quick and dirty. A portal opened and soon a large group of warriors were clearing the town. I saw a group surround the green gazer, forcing it to recall out quickly. Again these strange events were having an affect on my every day life. I became curious about what was going on and actively sought out information about what was happening. Everything that I heard led toward one place. Trinsic. I still have nightmares of the lurching dead that awaken me in a cold sweat.

“My first venture into Trinsic came about after a friend gave me a runestone for the doomed city. I recalled into the middle of a conflict. I remember that the conflict seemed one sided, the warriors of the city made quick work of the waves of undead that were sent against the city. There was a feeling of camaraderie amongst the defenders of the city and their confidence seemed high. I spent my waking hours over the next days as witness to the increased pressure put upon the city. I had heard of a mysterious and powerful figure that had been sighted, a lich lord of unparalleled strength and magical might. I had not seen him in my days in the city but he was everything I had heard about and more. It was the middle of the day and the undead hordes were coming on strong. The main gate had fallen and the defenders of the city had been pushed back to the first bridge on the main promenade. I was on the fringes, locked in combat with two others against a lich and a particularly strong skeletal warrior when I first saw him. Long strips of flesh hung off him in green ribbons and fluttered in the wind as he strode toward our little combat. I am not sure if my companion saw the creature, or just felt that he would be able to withstand his attack, but either way he fell to Juo' nar as a flamestrike enveloped him. This was my call to flee. The provisioners provided a handy corner to duck around. From my hiding place I watched as Juo' nar proceeded to end my companions and move on. Eventually I regained control and helped some others kill off the lesser minions of the undead army.

“The very next day saw more carnage than I ever hope to see again. Rumors were flying that the City of Honor would be taken by an army of the dead that night. I was outside the gates peering through the log barrier, wondering how I would get in when I saw a very large number of warriors gathering at the main gate. I noticed my closest companion, a mage by the name of Nova, was forming up in the ranks. He was quite easy to see in the hideously colorful outfit that he wears all the time. The leadership seemed confident and the spirit of the warriors was very high. I was chatting with a person on the inside about how I could get in when it all fell apart.

“The troops were kidding around and a group of warriors were amusing the troops by pretending to be orcs when something started happening to the rear of the formation. I could barely see a large green figure on the bridge behind. I started to call out a warning when the crash of a flamestrike claimed the first defender. The defenders held their ground for a short time and it seemed that all was well when the Dark Knights showed up. Ebony boned skeletons appeared and slowly started working their way through the defenders. I sent glances over my shoulder now and again but I had nothing to worry about, it was those inside that needed to fear. The minutes passed as I looked on in helpless frustration as the defenders fell, one by one. I especially kept an eye on my companion Nova. He had taken refuge behind a hard core of maroon liveried warriors who were holding steadfastly against all comers. He looked back and I saw a gleam in his eye. Slowly he inched his horse around the maroon core and raised his silver crossbow and took aim. His arrow took flight and lodged itself in Juo' nar, who took no notice of the futile blow. His bodyguard of Dark Knights on the other hand noticed and one of then singled Nova out. I shouted warning and he goaded his horse into a gallop but it was to no avail. I watched in horror as the abomination cut my friend off his horse, then casually cut the horses throat.

“When I was finally able to tear my eyes off my friend’s corpse I looked back and found the main gate empty of life, but not unlife. The undead roamed from the area looking for fresh targets trampling the dead without thought. I glanced over my shoulder to find a small group of warriors also standing outside the gates looking in, horror and fear clouding their eyes. As I studied their faces behind them I saw a moongate form. Praying that it would lead me to glory and revenge for my fallen friend I threw myself into it and landed in chaos. I appeared to the south of the bank where a small core of defenders was fending off the fringes of the undead horde. We formed up and I don't know how many of creatures I slew. At one point I caught a glimpse of turquoise out of the corner of my eye and there was Nova, raised from the dead by powerful magic. I ran to his side and together we moved here and there clearing lesser undead from the area, allowing the Grandmasters to take on the most powerful of undead unhindered. I seems like it was a lifetime but it could have only been a 10 minutes later when Juo' nar and his retinue took notice of this core of resisters. As I was cutting down a lich I saw a group of black clad warriors single out one of the Dark Knights that seemed particularly damaged and they proceeded to end it, but not without cost. When the creature fell and the area cleared many black clad warriors lied broken alongside the dead Dark Knight. I headed over to look when I heard fighting in the building next to the bank. I turned to look only to see not ten feet from me the green form of Juo' nar turning around to head out of the building, right toward me! With a motion bred out of long instinct I jumped to the side and hid. I crouched behind a light pole and without breathing I looked on in horror as he stopped and looked around, laughing with glee at the carnage surrounding him. His guard was swarming around clearing the area of defenders. When he finally moved off I leapt from my hiding place and ran into the building. Big mistake. I ran into the building looking back over my shoulder only to run straight up onto the sword of one of the Dark Knights. My life was over. I was a ghost. I knew that I had to find a healer or a powerful mage that could bring me back to fight so I headed out into the courtyard. There was nothing moving. Not undead, not defenders, nothing. The horde had killed everyone and moved on, leaving bloody wreckage behind. Eventually in my wandering I came across a small core of fighters fending off a small group of undead. I went into the building they were defending and found ten or twelve ghosts hovering near a group of healers. Those healers may not have fought as valiantly as the armored warriors defending the main gates, but in my humble opinion they proved more valuable to the defense of the city than any other group. You returned me to life and I thank all of you heartily. Thank you!

“There was more that happened but it was all a blur. I eventually met up with Nova and after many hours of bloody fighting we returned to Vesper to rest and recover. It was then, as I bound my wounds and tried to get my mangled close helm off my head, that I began to think about how the recent events that have occurred affect us all. For every Grandmaster Warrior or Mage there are hundreds, if not thousands, of fighters, alchemists, scholars and others just like me who may not fully understand what is going on in the grand world around them but have to live, and persevere, through the trouble that has been inflicted on our fair land. It is not enough to just hold the city of Trinsic. It is not enough to fight off the ravening hordes of trolls attacking Vesper. None of these things will fix what is broken. What we see here is only the effects of something deeper, and I believe more insidious. If we hope to return Britannia’s cities to the safe havens they once were we must go deeper. We must determine why and how these attacks are coming to be and most of all who is behind it. If we fail this then all shall fall, not just the weak or the unwary, but all. May your will stay strong against all worthy foes,

The Honorable Siggi Sigurthson, Adept Warrior

Join us next week, when we continue to spotlight tales of the struggle for control of Britannia. Don’t forget to keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics!

Published: October 2000
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