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In-Game Goals for 2004
Have you made any New Year's resolutions? These players certainly have. Check out some of the in-game goals your fellow players hope to accomplish this year.

"My name on Chesapeake is Gath, and I am a multi–skilled craftsman. My wife, who also plays UO, and I own and manage a shop at the crossroads of Britain, Skara Brae and Yew (in Trammel) called Feranmann Healdan. The shop has been open under our management since Publish 20, and the house has been a shop of one type or another, through many owners, from nearly its first day of placement.

"We opened the shop and intended to create a well–rounded shopping center with more to offer than just a place to shop. Therefore, when we built it, we included an extensive rune library, public dye tubs, and a supporting web site. We even spent several days thinking of the perfect name and finally named it Feranmann Healdan. Feranmann Healdan is Old English and literally means “Travelers Hold” or “Travelers Keep.” It is exactly what we wanted our shop to be. We wanted to create a single place on the Chesapeake shard where any player could go, for any reason, and get what they need or want.

"Our goal for the New Year is to see that our most fundamental reason for starting Feranmann Healdan becomes a reality. We think we have a good start and hope to continue to move forward! Ideally, we want every personal runebook, in every pack, to have a rune to Feranmann Healdan in it. However, we're content to meet our goal for this year, which is to just increase regular traffic and hopefully start our expansion into Malas with a franchise store."

-Gath of Chesapeake

"I have a few goals for the new year. One thing I plan to do is get my rogue character up to GM Pickpocket. However, my main goal is to get into this small room in Dungeon Doom where there are eleven levers. I believe that this room is a puzzle, just like the "lamp post" room. I plan to comb the entire dungeon and even sacrifice my life searching for the entrance into that room. If I find my way into that lever room, I know I will be rewarded greatly. This is my 2004 UO goal—even if it costs me millions in insurance, I will find the answer."

-Aldoquin of Chesapeake

"My 2004 goals for Rhiannon’s Plant Magic are as follows:
To complete my collection of all plant colors
To further expand my plant selection in the shop to include all colors of all plants AND to offer all seeds
To have a very well–stocked tailor vendor
To continue to offer the best products for the best prices
To save enough gold to purchase a larger shop in Luna"
-Rhiannon of Atlantic
"Hail fellow Britannians! I am Sid of the Great Lakes shard. I have made one solid New Year's resolution for 2004, and that is to open up the Lucky 7's Casino and make it one of the best casinos the shard has ever seen. The Lucky 7's Casino is located on Ice Island in the Trammel facet and will feature games such as Blackjack, High–Low–7, Triple 8's, and much, much more. I decided to make a casino because I thought it would be a great way for everyone to have fun and to earn some extra gold, which we can always use.

"My goal is to hire a staff of 12 dealers to be on hand, Monday through Friday, 4pm to 7pm CST. If this casino works out for the best, it will be my first successful New Year's resolution since the age of 12, when my goal was to collect the rarest Pocket Monster playing card. Well anyway, if this casino opens up, I will look forward to seeing you all there!"

-Sid of Great Lakes

"Upcoming goals in my 5th+ year will be focused on the starting and development of a new roleplaying guild on the Catskills shard that revolves around the Viking!

"With roleplaying guilds that show great depth of detail and creativity appearing more often these days, the UO environment really supports the possibility of a Norse based group that will thrive.

"Using the exploration, warring and trading, as well as the mythological aspects that are so well known, there seems to be no visible limits to the possible direction that the guild members will take this idea to.

"In relation to the starting of this guild, which has the symbol "V," I also look forward to interacting with the new members, other guilds, and people in general that we will come in contact with in the new year.

"With all that in mind, 2004 looks to be my most exciting UO year yet—the year of the Viking!"

-Tarn of Catskills

"I have a few in–game goals for 2004:

"1st Goal: I have been playing for 28 months, and during that time I have compiled a small rune library of all the cemeteries and ruins that I could find. The library consists of 3 runebooks (the third book is almost full). However, I have yet to mark the same areas in Felucca. Once I've done that, I will have the locations of all the cemeteries and ruins throughout the land.

"2nd Goal: I also have a companion series of books that contain descriptions of all the cemeteries and ruins, complete with coordinates. When I am finished, I will make the books public. Hopefully a few Necromancers will get some use out of them.

"3rd Goal: I'm hoping that we'll be able to transfer to other shards soon. When this happens, I will transfer to Lake Austin where I have a lone house on the property of a lone cemetery. I'd like to start a guild there and see where that takes me in–game.

"4th Goal: And always—power, power, and more power.

These are my immediate goals for 2004."

-BarbWyre of Great Lakes

"I am planning on finally getting my vendors and guild off the ground. For the past three years, I've been collecting knickknacks—a bit too many, as I've already filled three houses full of items. Now the proud owner of a guild hall/auction hall, I am finally ready to get my guild "The Virtuous knights of Valhalla" up and running. I've spent the last couple of months building a guild tavern and, of course, the guild hall located in Malas, both of which are near Umbra. With all the auction items I have collected, I plan on blowing Oceania away with a huge auction (hopefully) before Valentine's Day.

"Ultimately, I'm hoping to create a guild that puts emphasis on player and guild events. My friend, Bulwyf Herger, plans to have a guild wedding if he gets off his haunches and finally gets around to marrying Wyn LeCavalier, Orion's sister and first member, besides myself, of {VAL}.

"And somewhere along the way, I have plans to GM my Tailoring skill and then start on mastering my final 2 skills.

"That's about as short as I can be with explaining all my plans, but in finishing, I'd just like to say that with a bit of hard work and persistence, the {VAL} guild and Orion LeCavalier will get off the ground and will not only be successful, but will also, hopefully, arrange lots of player activities for the Oceania community. Apologies to those waiting on this auction; it's been a long haul, but I think I'm finally there!"

-Orion LeCavalier of Oceania

"My goal for 2004 is to run a Jousting Championship that would then culminate in an Ultimate Championship, to be held at the end of the year. Each month would have a tournament with up to 128 participants, who would be fighting for titles and overall points, which would then be used for the Ultimate Championship. The top 32 jousters would compete for the ultimate title on Catskills. I have already built the jousting arena on the shard (in memory of my past UO boss Twilight/Ignatz).

"This format could be tweaked to become a cross shard title, like the PvP tournament was, by utilizing standard equipment provided to the participants on each of the shards during scheduled times. The yearly shard champions would then compete for the ultimate title."

-Borg of Catskills

"This year, for my UO resolution, I hereby swear to start taking skill gaining seriously. I plan to at least GM all my important skills, such as Tactics, Swordsmanship and Lumberjacking. Also, I hope to find a decent suit of armor with resists in the 60s, if not more, and an immense axe with which to back it up with. Once I accomplish these things, I will not be the one left behiind on hunts, passed up in the guild, and taken by PKs."

-Indycar of Catskills

Keep an eye out for future spotlight topics! We look forward to hearing more of your tales of accomplishments and goals in the world of Britannia!

Published: January 2004
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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