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To Eve
This week, we spotlight a poem written by Gynja of Napa Valley, about a very special person she met in UO.

On that first night
Thee did try to tell me,
And listen I did not.
I did chortle, "What foolishness
Could this be about?"
Now I see the err o’ me thought!
For I fell on me arse,
Only to find a gentle warm hand
Pulling me up to light,
Brighter, than all in this land.
Aye, I did not see this knight Who stood next to me.
I find myself so thankful,
For I have been gifted.
My life is now full,
And my blinders hath been lifted.
He has taken me by his hand,
And showed me so many facets
To all of this land!
Shore to shore we have roamed,
Only to stop and gaze at the depths
Of the deep blue sea.
Aye, He has taken me to places
That will always remain sacred to me.
O my heart doth flutter abound!
For I know Heaven hath come round!
I want thee to know whom for me love has grown.
For my blossom has opened
And the nightingale does sing
My tears of joy do drop
With every beat of my heart
For the facets of this gem
They are endless from the very start!
Will ye give us yer blessing?
I do care what ye think.
It was ye who warned me o that ledge.
And it was me who fell
When I looked over th’ edge.
-Gynja of Napa Valley

Have you written a poem or a story about your experiences in Ultima Online? If so, we'd love to share it with the rest of the community. Send your tales to [email protected] and keep an eye on FYI for future Spotlight topics!

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Published: June 2004
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