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The Court of Truth
After the transpiring events of this evening I am unsure of whether to feel proud or to be concerned. The orcs have been causing a great mess to the peaceful nature of our realm and were currently in control of two towns; now we can make that a third.
The criers rang out loud and clear that Kalis Sevren and Clainin required the Royal Guard to attend them at once. The meeting place amazingly was not the Headquarters of the Royal Guard, but the Ranger Guild Hall in Skara Brae itself. It was here that Clainin was blunt with us as he explained that the Court of Truth had been over-run with orcs and that the town of Yew would not survive the week. Both Clainin and Kalis began to explain that it seemed that whatever was behind these forces was surrounding the city of Britain as if in preparation for an assault.

Clainin felt that this indeed was his greatest fear and because of this he was preparing to cast a spell that would keep any hostile forces from teleporting within the magical barrier. Unfortunately it would not keep them from coming over the land and it was to this that Kalis explained that fortifications must be built at the three main passes leading into Britain. With a tour of the three passes, Kalis showed to all present where the resources of ore and logs must be gathered so as to build some defenses within. One person shouted that could the enemy not just walk east through the swamps from which Kalis replied that if the enemy wished to bring their forces through the mires of the swamps, they were welcome to make the attempt.

After the tour, Kalis brought everyone to the Headquarters of the Royal Guard and explained that if the town of Skara Brae fell, this would become the rallying point for the defenders that remained. Clainin was sitting in a chair reading over some information when a gasp escaped his lips. “Kalis,” Clainin spoke. “You need to hear this immediately.” With a heavy heart Clainin stated that the Court of Truth was not cleared out as was initially believed and that the orcs had taken prisoners back to the jail cells. Many were appalled by what they heard and a rescue attempt was imminent. Kalis created a gate through which many of the Royal Guard went through and for the first time ever I heard Kalis swear. Quickly he told those still present to go through and bring back those who had gone through the gate. He explained that Clainin had etched the rune wrong that he had cast upon. Most returned and Kalis brought up the proper gate which led to the entrance to the Court of Truth.

The fighting here was intense as the orcs were already gathering in large numbers and slaying all that could be found. The Royal Guard quickly made their way down the corridors of the complex as Kalis stated that it was important to be quick as the reports of more orcish forces coming had filtered in before we had left. Upon entering the jails a door was discovered from which no one could open, not even our professional lockpickers or treasure seekers. Luckily for us, a frightened ratman was discovered by some other members of the Royal Guard and he mentioned to us that the Gaoler had the key and that he could be found within the desert beyond the Lighthouse. Most knew where this was and we moved out to the Lighthouse and began to venture out into the desert.

We found the Gaoler, alright. He was one of the meanest, smelliest and ugliest trolls I have ever encountered. Both warrior and pet fell to the ferocity of its attack, but eventually the Gaoler fell to blade, bite and spell. Upon its body, Kalis discovered the key and haste was taken to return to the black door. Opening it up, the Royal Guard discovered many hostages within - the locks were quickly broken and the hostages escorted to safety. Near the back of the corridor was one door that would not open until Kalis used the Gaoler’s key within the lock. Inside was a woman sleight of build and seemingly unhurt. Her name, we learned, was Iyona Konda; she had been taken prisoner by the orcs when they attacked the Courts. She also seemed to know who was behind the attacks, knowledge that we all wished to learn.

With all the hostages freed we made a run for the entrance to the Court as reinforcements had arrived for the orcish horde. With a few magical words, Kalis opened a gate to the Castle in Britain and we made our escape. In the throne room, Clainin awaited us and was glad to see that we were successful. Kalis explained that the woman Iyona had important information about the nature of our foes, but she required rest due to the ordeal with the orcs. Clainin agreed and Kalis escorted the mysterious woman to a room. Clainin then spoke about the need to gather the resources as quickly as possible for the defense of Britain, and that he was going to retire for the evening as he wanted to study more of the spell that he wished to cast.

As the Royal Guard filtered out of the Throne Room, many spoke of returning back to the Courts to fight the orcs, while others spoke of the problems Cove was experiencing. Furthermore, corroded manacles had been discovered amongst the fallen and on the walls within the jail cells. For myself, I am more interested in this mysterious lady, this Iyona Konda, and the important information she has. Hopefully she will recover promptly so that we may all learn who we should focus our defenses against. Now to go about and see if I can find a friend or two that can help me collect some wood…

Until next time,

Kelrin Abri

Published: October 2004
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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