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Battle for Trinsic - A Bard's Tale
The Battle for Trinsic raged on as Minax strove to tighten her grasp on the lands of Britannia. Fierce rumors were whispered among the pubs and taverns of the land - of monstrous horrors, of gruesome tortures, of fallen leaders and captured kings. None knew the truth but those who raised sword and shield, gathered herbs and potions, and braved the forests outside the beleaguered city in hopes of victory.

We continue our spotlight on tales from the Battle of Trinsic with the story of Lucy Fur, a young bard of Britain who merrily sought adventure - and found it in the contested streets of Trinsic.

 “I was supposed to be at my music tutors house when it happened, yet once again I had gone to play at the Cat's Lair for gold. You see, it was there that I learned the ways of this world from adventurers, bards, mages and scoundrels. I had become an expert at playing all musical instruments, at hiding in the shadows, the study of anatomy, swordsmanship and tactics. The skills of enticement and peacemaking I employed each night at this inn. The last skill, peacemaking, helped me keep angry patrons from ending my two-year reign as the fastest ale stealer from nine to midnight! “
“It wasn't long before my natural blonde good looks and full figure caught the attention of the Innkeeper Claude, as well as some evil characters. Late one night after the crowd thinned out I collected my fee from Claude and, snatching ale with a wink, I left for the bank. But as I just had gone from the entrance to the East wall two men accosted me! Stinking breath and curses were all around me as I was shoved to the ground while they rifled my backpack. I had just made 300 gold and was about to lose it!”

“Instinctively I pulled my poisoned dagger from my belt and slashed both of them. While they were stunned, I raced to gather my belongings strewn on the ground. They again attacked me, but suddenly the poison began its grim task as they screamed in pain and fell dead. Unfortunately for them, my friend Calabar had obtained this deadly poisoned dagger for me from an assassin. Even in the dark shadows I could see the men's wild eyes as the poison informed them that they had blundered for the last time.”

“I quickly went through the backpacks of the dead men and found an executioners axe! The rest of it I left as I hastened to the bank where I changed my bloody clothes and deposited the gold in the vault. It was there that I began my search to escape this town before being arrested. Scanning the busy crowd I picked my target and walked up to him. He was a Master Warrior named Keylargomojo and was he ever big!”

“I teased him about his long name and quickly found that he was easily angered! I taunted him further by saying that most Master Warriors don't have the intelligence to learn spells like gate travel, only about swords and armor. He quickly turned and glared at me. His blue eyes stared daggers as he said, "And just where do you wish to be gated to?" He snickered, but all I could say was "Tr-Trinsic, milord." He walked catlike to the riverside of the bank and motioned for me to come over to him. I looked around at the panhandlers, nobles, and thieves that were I all knew and followed. Holding a mages book in one hand he spoke the words, "Vas Rel Por." A blue sphere appeared and he led me into its mystical portal.”

“We arrived in a yellow sandstone city of Trinsic, a far cry from old Britain! Keylargomojo gave me a pigeon and said, "Only send this if it is a life or death situation" and disappeared back into the blue sphere. I was safe for now I thought, and far from Britain and the double murder. It was time to find lodging and get to know if I was the only Bard in this town!”

“After my first week, I had found many fine shops and respectable people there. My favorite place was The Keg and Anchor Inn. I have a good relationship with the innkeeper, and have met several bards as well. I also have developed my musicianship almost to the illustrious status of a Grand Master! Life here seemed just fine until I noticed monsters appearing in town! They were the types I had heard about from the adventurers in Britain: liches, skeletons and zombies. As of late no place is safe to practice in, and even the Keg and Anchor was invaded!”

“Taking offense at this intrusion, I sought Phyllis the Bard Guild Mistress and studied the art of Provocation. I also obtained plenty of practice on the zombies with my executioner's axe. I know you may be shocked that a beautiful lass would use such a thing, but be reminded that this was my ‘going away present’ from Britain. And as any skilled Bard knows, it is wise to develop a backup plan in case a crowd turns sour on your play.”

Last night I was hanging out at the Trinsic Main Bank, playing for the late night welcome committee for Juo'nar, the evil green lich. I had learned several places to stand so that the first stench of the undead would find my nose. I spied a stray dog walking the fence line in the rear of the bank's property and headed there. Provoking him, I played with him a bit and found delight at his frustration.”

“Just then I spelled that stench and they appeared just outside that same fence! A lich, four skeletons and two zombies as before. I played a dirty little dirge that I learned from Phyllis and they began turning upon themselves. Shortly after the last undead hit the sandstone I laid my lute down, and slipped over the fence to liberate their loot.”

“Suddenly I felt a shooting pain in my neck, as I was truck from behind! I whirled around to see a skeleton armed with a cutlass and a wooden shield. I drew my executioner's axe and began to attack. It began to be a very long battle as my wounds made me weaker. This was no ordinary skeleton! I broke off the attack and gained a distance from it. Quickly downing a greater heal potion from my backpack I jumped the fence and played a peaceful melody for my combatant. It stood there at peace as the potion took effect as I felt my strength return.”

“Just then two zombies appeared from down the street to help the skeleton! Most people would shriek at this, but I now had an audience. I again played the evil dirge and again they began to turn on themselves like before. Drinking another greater heal potion, I slipped over the fence and continued to play for them. A man named Wolfpack came running to the fence from behind me. He had a tamed Grizzly Bear with him and proceeded to order it to attack the undead. In their weakened state they fell quickly to the brute. “

“He informed me that this was no ordinary skeleton, but a bone knight, and that I should choose my battles a bit more wisely. With a wave he collected the bear and headed to the West gate, a hot spot of undead activity all the last week. I picked up some incredible loot from the defeated undead and walked in the shadows of the bank wall to the front.“

“Suddenly a man bumped into me in haste, and hissed "Kal Vas…." It was my friend who provided me that poisoned dagger from Britain - Calabar! He collected himself and exclaimed "Lucy you shouldn't be here! Juo'nar is in this city at this very moment!" I gasped and he continued, "Follow me on my rounds. This Juo'nar and I are becoming old friends at battle tactics." I had already seen this lich escape twelve warriors that surrounded him without harm.”

“As we ran down the street towards the South gate we saw The Glorious Ripley, a Grand Master Mage. She too was going to battle there and joined us to our delight! Once we got there the carnage and gore had already filled the street. It all seemed to move in slow motion as we walked over and around the dead, and the dying. The zombies were looting our fallen citizens as the liches and bone knights sought more victims!”

“I could see mages on rooftops casting lightening and pillars of fire down into the center of the courtyard where Juo'nar stood. A tight circle of warriors were furiously attacking the beast. I provoked six undead to defeat but almost died at the hands of a lich attack from behind. The Glorious Ripley was busy resurrecting the warriors who fell, and healing those injured who could stand. Calabar sought the life force of Juo'nar from one battlefield to the next. Trinsic was no longer a yellow sandstone city, it was a red blood-stained city that reeked of rotting flesh.”

Lucy Fur

Join us next week as we continue our spotlight on tales of the Battle of Trinsic. We are honored to present these stories of your epic quest to protect Britain from the clutches of Minax. Please keep an eye on FYI for new spotlight topics!

Published: October 1999
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