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A Disturbing Report
Honoured Lords and Ladies, Members of the Council...
It is with a heavy heart that I bring this report to your attention, but I fear I must. A new presence threatens the very peace of Britannia! Even now, I see the confusion crossing your faces, so I shall start at the beginning.

The Commander summoned the Royal Guard to the Castle to witness the meeting with Odric. I understand he approached this Council offering to help locate Dupre. We have had dealings with this fellow before; he would be one to watch. But, we have not heard from Lord Dupre in some time now...

Odric appeared after several minutes, quashing the doubts of the Commander and the Guard as to his intentions. He assured them that his resources and contacts were trustworthy. He asked if the Commander would accompany him to a meeting, where he had arranged for Dupre's confidant to be. Grudgingly, she agreed and she and the guard followed Odric through a gate and to a ruined sandstone house.

It was here that they waited... and waited...

At length, the Commander ordered the Royal Guard to spread out and comb the area for anything unusual. Odric seemed at a loss as to where his contact might be. Suddenly, the Guard encountered a creature - a Relentless Tracker. Several of these creatures then appeared and attacked the Guard fiercely, causing several to be injured quite severely.

As ever, the Guard showed the strength of their training and defeated the murderous beasts. As they regathered, Odric expressed concern for his contact, and after some pressing from the Commander, revealed the name - Malabelle. The Commander showed some surprise at this news, as she was previously acquainted with Malabelle. Fearing for her safety, the Commander ordered the Guard to gather the wounded, and took them to Malabelle's home in Yew.

Seeing all was quiet, the Commander broke into a run as they drew near. Rushing inside, they found the home completely ransacked. Out of nowhere, more Trackers appeared and attacked the Guard. Yet again, the Guard worked together and quickly dispatched the foul beasts.

Fearing the worst, the Commander gathered the weary Guard and they traveled to the location of a known safe house near Vesper. It was here she hoped to find either Malabelle or Dupre, perhaps both. However, it was not to be...

As the Guard entered one of the small huts, they were greeted by the sight of Malabelle's lifeless body splayed on the ground and a strangely armoured figure looming over her. He carried a bloodied spear that bore the name Black Dragon. This fearsome figure, dressed in blood-red armour of a strange origin, identified himself as one Belo Ondariva... a Warlord!

The Commander's face went white at the sight. The Guard expressed their horror, to which Belo laughed and stated, "I will trample on the backs of your fleeing comrades as I pillage this bloated land."

"Your families will be enslaved, and I will build my strongholds out of their bones", he said, raising his spear menacingly.

To which the Commander bravely told him, "I think not!".

The Warlord laughed, "Screeching monkeys, your loose tongues will wash my boots when I return."

The Commander quickly decreed that he should pay for this act of violence.

And again the Warlord laughed cruelly, "You are already my servants, as you now go forth to herald my coming. Tell them all!"

And then he simply disappeared.

Chaos then broke forth, with more of the Relentless Trackers appearing, ripping through the ranks of the Guard as easily as through cloth. Shaking herself, the Commander gathered the Guard to her and they gallantly fought the creatures until none were left standing. After the battle, the Commander gathered the wounded and took all the survivors back to Britain, whereupon she ordered them into the care of the healer’s guild.

So my Lords and Ladies, it would appear there is a new threat upon us in the form of this Warlord, Belo Ondariva. I fear for the safety of Dupre if he was able to get to Malabelle so easily. We must be on our guard and strengthen our defence points. Who knows what course of action this Warlord will take? Only time shall tell...

Published: January 2005
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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