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Anon's Withdrawal
Fellow Mages of the CoM,
I write this with a heavy heart, wishing that things were different, but knowing that we must do whatever is needed to protect that which is most important to us. Unfortunately, the Ruling Council is not willing to do what is needed to ensure the safety of the people, so I, Commander of the Council of Mages, have decided to take matters into my own hands. I do this knowing the consequences will be heavy, but sure in the knowledge that I am doing what is necessary to protect Magincia and its citizens.

The last few months have shown that Chaos is on the move; towns and cities have been invaded by agents of darkness, evil beings have appeared after many years of deep slumber, and it has become clear that we are all in grave danger. Yet, the Ruling council does nothing but sit on their hands and talk, when the time for action is now! I am certain that our departed King would not have let matters reach such a desperate condition, and it is long past time for petty bickering and useless chit chat. Something needs to be done about our current state of disarray!

So, acting in our own best interests, I have withdrawn from the Ruling Council and set in motion the appropriate measures to protect that for which I am directly responsible. My decision has been affirmed by the latest news from the fort of Cove – it has been overrun by orcs and creatures of Chaos. Despite the best attempt of the Royal Guard to fight back the horde of evil creatures, the fort is now under the control of the forces of Chaos, and a shrouded, mysterious figure has been spotted observing the battle from the mountains above. Whom, or what, this shrouded figure is, I know not, but its presence is an ominous sign indeed.

As I feared, the passivity shown by the Ruling Council has severely weakened the Kingdom, and allowed Chaos to gain a foot-hold in Britannia; as your Commander, I will do all that is necessary to ensure our own survival to the best of my abilities. I know not where this path will ultimately lead us, but I am convinced that the Ruling Council will not respond quickly enough to this growing threat. I simply will not stand idly by and see Magincia suffer the same fate as Cove. Know that I did not make this decision lightly, and that I believe it to be the only way to ensure our survival.


Anon - Grandmaster Mage of the Council of Mages 

Published: September 2004
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