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Battle for Trinsic - Dance with Malabelle
Wreaking nearly as much havoc as the Dark Mistress, her minions descended upon the people of Britannia. Juo’nar, the vile lich lord, stood atop the gutted battlements of Trinsic to cry orders to the ceaseless undead troops. Keeonean led vicious attacks on the city of Yew. And Malabelle - the powerful sorceress trained at the whim of Minax, who wreaked her own vengeance on the defenders of Trinsic.

Our spotlight today joins Jhary a Conel and his guildmates as they rally to the defense of Trinsic, and Jhary meets up with Malabelle herself.

 “My guildmate, Beneviste, and I joined the Coalition tonight to attempt a foothold in Trinsic. We were assigned to the South Gate. I got a gate at the bank to the city and headed to the gate, Beneviste discovered that his rune had been damaged in battle with a murderer who attacked the guild house some days ago, and so was unable to join me in the battle.
“I stood on the walls above the gate, accompanied by a mage, I was ready to provoke the beast while my companion would launch magical attacks.

“We thought ourselves reasonably safe until a horde of Lich Lords and skeleton knights appeared almost on top of us. We both retreated, hopelessly outnumbered, only to find another batch of knights coming the other way. We were trapped. My colleague was able to teleport to the relative safety of the town streets and I faced the undead alone with only my flashing blade to protect me.

“Only two knights could attack me at any one time due to the narrowness of the walls, and if I could provoke them to fight amongst themselves I might just survive. However it was not to be, for coming towards me along the wall was none other than Malabelle herself. She told me I ‘was on her walls.’ I replied ‘They are my walls as much as yours, call your minions off and face me, spawn of darkness, for I am the Baird an Lochran, the Bard of Light. For as you are of the darkness so I am of the light.’ She laughed and hurled bolts of energy at me. Desperately I played my lute hoping to provoke the closest of the undead to attack her, however her control over her minions was greater than my abilities. I heard the air scream with the launching of another bolt of energy and knew no more.

“Unbeknownst to me, my comrade in arms had evaded the enemy and returned in time to see Malabelle head north into the city. It seems that Malabelle had underestimated my strengths and my new friend was able to rouse me from unconsciousness and heal me back to full strength.

“We headed north to find Malabelle and a host of lich lords battling a large group of defenders, I paused to provoke the liches away from the defenders and made my way towards Malabelle.

“I unsheathed my blade and made my way towards her, ‘We meet again lady of darkness, now we shall see whether Light can defeat Darkness’. I attacked with all the strength in my body, and felt my blade hit her, but slide away doing little damage. She bore magical protection of some description, however the blow was enough to interrupt the spell she was casting. I smiled. I might not be able to kill her but I could stop her casting spells.

“As I slashed away at her, more warriors moved in to aid me, as they moved away to defend themselves from undead attacks others took their place. Malabelle was becoming frustrated because she could not cast a spell through the shining web of steel placed before her and her powers. Then, by some devilish means she vanished and reappeared 30 feet away. This was no magic spell; it may have been the hand of her mistress rescuing her.

“Two warriors and myself rushed to where she now stood attempting to cast a spell, I dove forward and lashed out with my blade, cutting into her wrist. Again I did little damage, but it was enough to interrupt her.

“‘Ha ha, lady, yet again not fast enough. Face to face you are not as powerful as you would have us believe. Know this, I am the Light in the Darkness that can never be destroyed’. Her response was a scowl, I smiled in return.

“More and more blows my colleagues and I rained down upon her. Whatever magic protected her was still working. All we were doing was blunting our blades until they seemed more like clubs than swords, but the tactic was working, while we accosted her she was unable to slay any of the brave defenders.

“Finally with a snarl of frustration she used her magic leap and reappeared behind the barricades the undead have erected within the town. From there she vanished, I assume she scuttled back to her mistress to tell of our encounter.

“We rallied at the Trinsic jail, where Castile Elan, Ezekiel and some other healers had set up much needed facilities. As the night wore on we beat down attack after attack at the jail, until word came that Malabelle had been sighted at the temple of the undead. Eager to renew my acquaintance with the lady, I made my way to the temple and sure enough she was there hurling spells at our leaders, Pad O’Lion and Dardan Brook. I took the steps three at a time and raced towards her. She looked round as I approached and the look on her face seemed to say ‘Oh no, not him again’. Once more I could not hurt her, but I was enough of an annoyance to stop her spellcasting.

“As I drove her backwards, I must have stood on some sort of teleporting device for I found myself on the roof of the building and immediately surrounded by liches, skeletons and zombies.

“I ran for my life, but a blow from a lich’s staff sent me tumbling into oblivion.

“I awoke a few minutes later to find that the rooftop battle had been won by the Coalition troops, however the streets were still in dispute. By now I was feeling the effects of battle, my armour was almost useless to me, and my sword was more club-like than ever. These facts as well as my now starting to feel the wounds inflicted in the battles encouraged me to return to Skara Brae to gain some much needed healing, rest, and new equipment before I endeavor to return to Trinsic.

- Jhary a Conel

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Published: October 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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