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Iantown Mayfaire
After checking with my master, it was decided that I would make the long journey to attend the first ever Iantown Mayfaire on Siege Perilous. After many a day under the hot Malas sun, across the Crumbling Continent, through the Broken Mountains and past the Orc Fort, I finally found myself on the outskirts of Iantown. Iantown is a relatively new settlement, founded only a few years ago on the western shore of Gravewater Lake.

I wandered around for quite awhile, not seeing another living soul for almost an hour; the exception being a few of the famous Iantown sheep, which are known across the land for their peculiar town building properties.

Finally, just as I was about to give up for the evening and camp in front of one of the deserted buildings, I heard a faint shout off in the distance. I headed in that direction, and began to hear more and more shouting as I grew nearer. Hoping I was not too late, I hurried my pace and managed to arrive just in time for the start of the night's summons battle. I was greeted by many citizens of Siege Perilous, including Kelmo himself, the Mayor of Iantown.

Shortly after my arrival, I noticed that Anissa Darkstar, the Royal Sorceress, was also in attendance. With quite the crowd around her vying for her attention, and not wanting to be rude, I simply waved toward her and proceeded to the edge of the Iantown Dueling Arena. Here, I found a large crowd gathered in anticipation of the evening's exciting activity: a summons battle!

 With much shouting, cheering and jeering, the crowd got into the action, as battle after battle took place. Slowly, the number of contestants was narrowed down, until there were only two left standing: so and so and Wakka Wakayama. With much pride, not to mention gold, at stake, the tension in the air was palatable. The spectators grew silent as the competitors were announced, only to explode with excitement as the battle commenced.

When all was said and done, however, there was only one champion: Wakka Wakayama, Champion of the Iantown Mayfaire Summons Battle.


During the excitement, Lord Fertbert, the Live Team Lead, took advantage of the distracted crowd and snuck in through the back of the arena. However, his presence was quickly detected, probably due to the not very inconspicuous mount he was riding. With him, he brought the faint odor of a peculiar small animal, which upon being asked about this odor he claimed it came from a 'ferret'. One has to wonder about this explanation, as ferrets are only rumored to exist in Sosaria - no one I know, and I travel quite extensively, has claimed to actually have seen one. In fact, very few Sosarians even know what they are. Perhaps he was experimenting with a new Ninjitsu technique of some sort; one never knows with Lord Fertbert.

With the scheduled festivities completed for the evening, the crowd broke up into various groups, chatting about this, that and the other. While I was busy speaking with some Iantown residents about my long journey to their town, and thus quite distracted, a thief apparently relieved me of a sword I was carrying in my pack! How he managed to do so is beyond me, as I was assured before I embarked on my trip that my pack was impenetrable. However, I take solace in knowing that while stealing a nearly worthless sword, the thief completely missed my spare invulnerability ring! Whew!

 I noticed that some guests were starting to wander away, so I asked those closest to me if they would help me gather everyone in attendance for posterity's sake. Imagine dozens of Siege Perilous citizens, gathered together inside of a small area that has only one exit - and no one died! Perhaps the rumors of rampant murdering on Siege Perilous are a bit exaggerated. After tonight, I think that is a strong possibility. As I told them I was going to record their likenesses, they shouted out 'PBD' in unison. Now, I've heard of 'cheese', 'potato' and even 'queso' being used in such situations, but 'PBD'? When I make the journey home to the City of Redwood Trees, I shall endeavor to find out exactly what a 'PBD' is, and why the citizens of Siege Perilous seem so excited by them.

As the shadows grew longer, the toll of my long journey began to weigh upon me, so I bid those still gathered in Iantown a farewell, and used a trick I learned from an old man in Moonglow to take my leave with a bit of flair. Because, you know, one can never have too much flair.

If you wish to attend the Iantown Mayfaire, be aware that events will be held during the next two evenings, and that those of all reputations are welcome, as long as one behaves.

Published: May 2005
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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