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All Hollow's Eve – My Adventures
I heard tales of the undead rising in the nearby land of Britain and being a reporter of a curious nature, I had to find my way there via the ferry. It was dark, midnight I do suppose, when I made it to the heart of the city and not a bit of fright in sight. I thought perhaps it was only a bit of a legend that had crept by word of mouth to my homelands. I thought perhaps a bit to eat and a good rest and I could investigate more thoroughly on the morn was my best plan.

When I woke, my bones felt cold inside. I stretched and made my way to the downstairs and received some directions from the Inns keeper, who was noticeably shaken by my need for information of this All Hollow's Eve celebrations.

Now I must fully admit, dear reader, that I was a bit nervous at first when I took a step outside almost near what I thought was noon and the sky was black and I gazed upon the Inn's Sign: Lost Souls Inn. I do believe it was then my skin actually felt of small spider's crawling here and there all about. There were clothes strewn about as if there had been a great struggle, but instead, I found that people here seemed to just toss them down and head about their merry way. I took a quick moment to tidy up. As I folded the clothes and sat them to the side along with a few supplies and resources, I saw the oddest bit – red tinted bones. I should have taken this as a warning and found the next ferry back to my homeland, but alas, I headed into town to further investigate and satisfy my own curiosities.

I pulled a small bit of parchment from my satchel and read it closely. It was all I had heard of these eerie tales: search for pumpkins, armies of the undead, costumes, decorate Castles British… so many things. I tucked the paper back into my satchel and tossed it over my shoulder. Time was wasting.

With a few questions to a street peasant and the local librarian, I was sent in the direction of Lord Blackthorn's Castle. I made my way down the long dock that connected the castle to the mainland and found nothing but several boats lining the dock – I know it does not seem odd to read of boats near a dock – but the magical feeling I got was very intense and I thought perhaps I would go on to other establishments in Britain.

As I made my way towards Castle British, I found something most odd indeed: the corpse of a lich.

I did not linger long for if there is one, there may be many! As I sped away from the corpse, I heard an eerie scream above me speaking of a special treat even though trick or treating was over!

The voice spoke deeply of holiday themed matches at the Umbra Arena with a slight twist. Seems the masses were gathering at Castle British to speak of the themes!

I found myself dressed rather oddly – an ice white succubus! There were transformation portals all about me and even heard stories of them being located in even more cities around Britannia! I was in awe of this wonderful time all were having and wanted to be part of is as well. I could not believe such a night would ever exist.

After this special tournament – I knew I had to find a pumpkin. I waited patiently noting all the activity around me. I am sure I tried on every costume I could find while waiting for the arena activity to begin.

The arena was immaculate and scary! The spectators gathered the combatants fought fierce! It was a most exciting evening. Despite not seeing the light of day for my duration of my stay, I knew the hour grew long and I should find my way back to the Lost Souls Inn. I removed my costume and folded it nicely in my satchel as a remembrance of the night the dead came to life. On the morrow, I do believe I shall hunt pumpkins instead of undead!

Published: November 2005
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