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Pirates of Britannia
Pirates are a bit of a rarity in Britannia, especially since everyone and their neighbour use moongates or magic for traveling long distances. Because of that, there are less cargo ships en route between the cities, and less people sailing the sea. For that reason, pirates can be thought of as somewhat of a novelty, since there isn't much profit to be plundered on the open ocean. When there is nothing to be looted at sea, pirates have sometimes been known to target coastal cities or islands.

This probably explains the recent attack on Trinsic, when a "Scarlet Crew" raised arms against the city militia in attempts to loot the sandstone city's treasures. Keira Vaelan, Commander of the Royal Britannian Guards, led a group to Trinsic from Britain in an attempt to defend the city. The city was reportedly empty upon the group's arrival, but to the guards' surprise, they weren't alone at all! The Scarlet Crew had set a trap. Springing out at them from underneath the docks as well as from within the cargo holds of nearby ships, the Scarlet Crew ambushed the Royal Guard. The fight quickly spilled into the streets as the guardsmen clashed against the pirates.

After a while, the guard gained an upper hand in the battle and forced the pirates' captain, Lily Rouge, to flee the area. She was reprimanded near the Smuggler's Gate, just south of the city. She was then escorted to the Trinsic City Jail, where she currently awaits trial.

Published: August 2006
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