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Letter to the Editor
Dear BNN,

Troubles in Tokuno, which you recently published, made me realize that you have been sending secret messages! If you take the number of letters in Inu the Crone, you get eleven which of course means nothing by itself. Now, if you count the long paragraphs in that story, you get twelve. Furthermore, eleven on top of twelve is twenty three! Only they know what twenty three really means, but it's very obvious to myself that it does indeed mean something. In addition, adding the two short paragraphs of that story to twenty three gives us twenty five.

Lately, I've been a bit lost trying to figure out what all these numbers mean, but I know that you know what they know! How do I know? Adding stuff together is what mother (who is now retired in Nujel'm) said I'm best at, and I know you're up to something with these Inu the Crone stories! Thank you for listening to me, but please stop sending them messages and just tell us regular stories from now on.



Published: April 2006
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