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Excerpt from “The Care and Feeding of Demon
… Demons brought to our plane from their infernal native reality are extremely traumatized. Demons abhor physical restriction, and suffer emotional stress when they are compelled to certain duties. As big, powerful and terrifying as they are, they will whine like children missing their blankies under the yoke of some obligation.

That’s why summoning a demon to perform some task always sounds like a much better idea than it actually is. Demons are pouty, insolent, stubborn and even prone to self destruction to escape entrapment or geas. They’ve been known to beg for death, even as they thrash well-meaning warriors trying to give them the gift they are so loudly requesting.

The questions that must be answered after a demon‘s physical form is destroyed, and subsequently released from his prison, are “Where does he go? What does he want? What does he do with his newfound freedom?” Most likely, he will return to his own kind, either in the nether realms, or on this plane… 

Published: May 2006
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