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Breaking Britannia - The Minax Interview
Lady Minax, Dark Mistress of the new Britannia and Queen of all her realms, recently deigned to sit for a few questions posed by an intrepid, somewhat foolhardy reporter. Clad in resplendent black, the Lady sipped idly from a silver wine goblet as she spoke of her plans for the new Britannia, the future of Sosaria, and her relationships with the so-called ‘defenders’ of the land.

[Editor’s Note: The following transcript was tucked in the doorframe of our offices. No author was noted, and the parchment was worn and tattered, as if carried across a great distance. It bore the blood-red seal of Minax.]

 Lady Minax, you've come to Britannia determined to destroy all that is good and true. Tell me. What's in it for you?
“Actually, ‘good’ and ‘true’ are such subjective terms, don’t you think? What is good, really? Do you know? I certainly don’t.

“I merely wanted to drop by a few taverns, an occasional inn, have an ale or two, subjugate the masses, bring a little devastation here and there, and perhaps pop by Lord British’s castle for an afternoon visit. And suddenly, here comes every warrior east of Covetous, screaming for my death, claiming I am ‘evil’.

“You know, sir, I really think that you’re looking at it in far too black and white terms. I’m here to promote Britannia, to usher in a new era. Britannia is first and foremost in my mind.

The Lord Dupre has expended quite a deal of effort to remove the city of Trinsic from your hold. What are your feelings for Dupre? Does it bother you to have 'lost' as it were?

“Lost? We let him have it back.

“Really now. “Lost.” Do you honestly think that with all my power, I could have lost something as prosaic as Trinsic?

“The simple fact is - I was no longer interested in it. Far too small. Not at all exotic. I’d amused myself with the shops long enough. And the constant cries of “Free Trinsic!” and “Death to Juo’nar!” were terribly grating on the ears. I knew what that little tramp Malabelle was up to: it just wasn’t worth the effort to bother with.

“And Dupre. Ahhh. Dear Dupre. It’s all about ‘honor’ with that one. Defend this and protect that. Well, I’ll let you in on a bit of a secret, my darling little friend. Dupre knows nothing of honor. If he is so concerned with honor, what is he doing making promises to that little Malabelle that his beloved Lord British would be most unhappy to hear? Hmm? Aye. That’s his “sense of honor’ talking. Mmmmhmmm.

“You just ask him next time you cross his path. Ask him to explain his honor. I’m sure his answer will be terribly interesting.

We've been hearing it bandied about that you are 'evil', 'cruel'. Some have even gone so far as to joke that in losing Trinsic, you lost your 'honor' as it were. What have you to say to those who think you're nothing but trouble?

“Trouble is in the eye of the gazer. My intentions are honest. Really, my dear companion, lean closer. Read my lips as I say this.

“I will rule Britannia with a velvet touch and a wicked bolt, and I will bring her people to their knees.

“Is that so terrible?

“I’m honest about my intentions. I’m forthright. I want Britannia. I want to see your Lord British weep. I want to destroy his beloved country as he gazes on, helpless. Now, who can fault me for being honest?

“As for ‘evil’ and ‘cruel’. Hmmm. I’d really have to say those terms have followed me around since I was a lass. I’m not sure why they are so often used to describe me, but a druid companion once told me to ‘visit the memory of my parents to find myself’. It sounded like a boring conversation, so he is… no longer in my company.

Let's talk about Malabelle. She's young. She's inexperienced. And yet, you've taken her to your side. You've taught her your magic. Are you grooming her to replace you?

“Darling. Replace? Me? How positively amusing!

“Malabelle is a dear girl. A bit, what is the word - oh! Naive. Does she really think I haven’t the slightest idea where her love… oh. Excuse me. I meant to say, it’s simply awful that her dear Tyball has passed on. Poor lass.

“She has a touch with the magic though. A bit of skill, nothing on par with my own, of course, but a talent for spells nonetheless. It amuses me to take her into my tutelage, and I’m certainly doing a service. A single girl in this day and age needs a talent, you know. And she’ll learn to survive without that Tyball fellow. I did, after all.

“As for the Dupre incident. Well. She and I will be discussing that little discretion. I do, of course, realize that she is young and doesn’t understand the principle of being grateful for all I have sacrificed for her. However. Well. As I said, we will be having quite the conversation about her place in my entourage.

Juo'nar. Dead. Or... more dead. Gone. Tell us. Who leads your army now? Have you found anyone, or anything, to match his talents as a battle commander?

“Juo’nar was a most… capable general. You know, he came to me as but a simple corpse, in need of a place, a role. A bit foul, as most of your undead are, but I quickly saw he had a talent for leading undead minions. He spoke to something deep inside them. They listened quite well to his orders, and trust me, it can be most tedious explaining orders again and again to your average zombie. What with their ears constantly rotting off and all.

“So. With Juo’nar gone, I do find myself rather short on capable commanders. Slimely has offered, of course, but I really do prefer a lich lord for the task. Slimely flat out refuses to let me help him become a lich lord: a bit of boldness that he and I shall be discussing at his yearly review.

“Oh. What a wonderful idea! Why, what about you? You’re quite the strapping young man, and with a good talent for stealth, as you’ve shown by inching this close to my side. With a bit of tutoring, you might make quite the general. Tell me, can you cast a spell? Because I’d be happy to make you my new lich. What do you say? We could do it right now…

Er…no, ma’am. Uh, word on the roadways is that you've special plans for Britannia. Can you give our readers a quick glimpse of what you have in mind?

“My dear. I’ve been absolutely forthcoming about my plans for Britannia. I’ve never made them a secret. But I’ll give you a little preview. I’ve always been drawn to death and decay in the springtime, so perhaps a lovely bit of armageddon is in order. I’ve in mind a Britannia like none you’ve ever imagined, in your deepest dreams… and your worst nightmares.

“Enough about me though. I really do think you’d make a stunning lich lord.

“Come closer, dear.


“I think you’ll find we can be absolutely wonderful companions…”

Published: October 2000
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