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Moongates: Divine, Magical or Merely a Machin
(Excerpt from the Britannian Journal of the Starry Sciences)

...Moongates, despite their beauty and mysterious qualities, are explainable through science. One need not rely on magicians and monks and others who place faith in, well, merely faith.

If you study moongates closely, you’ll find they behave in a predictable fashion, follow specific laws of nature, have no special resistance to scientific experimentation, and can be manipulated as desired by one with the proper knowledge.

Moongates, like any everything else in nature, can even be broken, which is perhaps the perfect evidence that they are not the product of the divine. If you ask a certain monk, who happens to be a close friend of mine, what his opinion of Moongates are, he’ll tell you they are a gift from above, created by powers mankind cannot comprehend.

I say if I have the power to break a moongate, and to fix a moongate, and to tell it what to do, and where to send people, then either I am a power mankind cannot comprehend or Moongates are just another fancy kind of machine...

Published: June 2006
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