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Ophidian Skirmish Escalates into Open War
Ophidian raiding parties are now advancing on the towns of Vesper and Papua where they are being met by small organized groups of citizens protecting their home. The young, old and infirm are currently fleeing these two towns under heavy guard in what so far appears to be a calm and orderly evacuation. The cause behind the escalating Ophidian violence is still not certain.

Details from the front are scarce, but the Ophidians are being reported as fighting with extreme vehemence, bordering on a full out Berserker fighting style. Whatever has these warriors whipped up into such a frenzy must be highly important to the Ophidians, but our front line reporters are having a hard time getting even one Ophidian to calm down enough to make a coherent comment on the situation.

A high ranking government official has told us under condition of anonymity, “We are treating these attacks very seriously. If the Ophidians want war, we are prepared to do a number of things. Needless to say, plans to marshal our main fighting force are well underway. We have very deep pockets for which to wage war upon the Ophidians unlike anything they’ve seen.”

There has been no official comment from the government.

Others believe that this crisis can still be solved with diplomacy by attempting to understand what is behind this invasion. Naka Gerou, widely regarded as an expert on Ophidians, says, “While the Ophidians are certainly capable of a large and powerful military operation, I am quite puzzled at the recent turn of events. True, there have been some recent provocations on our part, but nothing of the sort that hasn’t been ignored in the past.” Mr. Gerou is referring to the constant incursions by adventurers into Ophidian territory, as well as the attack on an Ophidian Brood Queen not long ago.

“If what I am hearing is true, I believe that someone or something they consider to be very provocative is driving them to attack us so fiercely.”

Perhaps if the source of Ophidian anger is discovered, a prolonged conflict can be averted.

Published: July 2006
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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