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Who is Sherry the Mouse?
Sherry the Mouse is Britannia’s famous talking mouse, featured as an NPC in Ultima VI and Ultima VII. In U6, the Avatar would often find her scurrying around the castle and popping through mouseholes to reach difficult destinations. It was even possible to add her as a party member, so you could retrieve a Rune of Virtue from a small cramped space only she could fit in!

In Ultima Online, Sherry the Mouse is responsible for writing the book “My Story,” one of UO’s more important books about the in-game fiction. She overhears the events surrounding the Time Lord’s visit to Lord British, and even exposes the true motivations of Blackthorn in rebelling against the Eight Virtues.

As you follow Sherry around you might notice that she:
  • Talks to you, and answers questions about the Castle and Britannian history
  • Has relationships with the NPCs in Castle British (She loves the cook, especially)
  • Follows a daily schedule that includes: waking up, wandering about the castle grounds, eating meals, and going to bed
  • Enjoys using the convenient mouseholes the rats who invaded Castle British leave behind
  • Can squeak *really* loudly when she wants to!
- Tim "Draconi" Cotten, UO Designer

Published: October 2006
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