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A Call to protest the Heinous Wrong done the
True friends of the Virtues, hear me!

The corrupt High Council hath perverted Justice! An innocent man waits for execution most Brutal! Even the Elves have joined them in the Council’s Foul Treachery - the prosecutor Casca even now sits in luxury as their honored Guest, disgracing the home of our absent Lord with his Presence!

My Brothers and Sisters, this is an Outrage that cannot be Borne. Even as the sycophantic Britannian News Network heaps Praises on this manifestly Wrong Judgement, like a Dog cringing before a Terrible Master, the people of Britannia rise up! I beg you, join your fellow Lovers of Justice in protest both outside the Courthouse in Yew and in the city of Britain. Let the Voice of the People be heard! Let the True Spirit of Virtue inspire us! Let us gather our torches and our pitchforks and stand before our Foes, in Terrible and Righteous Rage, to demand that the Citizen Ricardo be freed!

Published: December 2006
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