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It is said that Justice is the devotion to truth tempered by love. What does this really mean? Justice serves a law far greater than the Courts of Men and Elves. Justice serves Truth, and no man, not even a King nor his Council, can define Truth. Can honest people devoted to Truth stand by and watch its abrogation by the whim of imperfect rulers? Nay, they cannot if they have Love in their hearts for the pursuit of Truth and Justice. For Justice is indeed the eternal service to Truth at all costs, tempered by Love, the love of Truth and Righteousness itself. It is thus that the great Knights of Justice scour the realm of Minax for the foul murderers who prey upon the innocent, for this is a true and just cause. It is thus that Justice should be meted out for crimes committed.

What is a crime worthy of Justice? That is the heart of the question currently in the minds of Lords and Ladies throughout the Land. The recent events with the Thief Ricardo and his trial have caused much debate. There should be no debate, for Ricardo’s only crime was that of inconvenience. Did he not do what hundreds of others have done before him? Did he not seize treasure from creatures whose enmity towards both Man and Elf is well known? The High Council was not there to defend the lands from the Ophidians; nay this was left to us the Citizens of Sosaria. What crime did Ricardo commit? Exposing the Truth, that our own rulers, those entrusted with our safety by the Lord British, can not defend the innocent? In plain speech, the thief made the Lords and Ladies of the High Council look inept. The only crime he was convicted of was that of Treason. Treason, high crimes against the state, is this now defined by a law other than Truth and Justice? At the whim of disconcerted rulers who could not defend the lands as they are sworn to a man is now marked for death for committing no crime against Man or Elf or State. This does not serve either Love or Truth. This does not serve Justice.

Justice is the only law that is universal, the only law that is complete into and of itself. No matter how inconvenient or difficult the Truth may be, it must be meted out fairly and as deserved, with Love. Love for what is Right and Just and True, love for our fellow citizens. Ricardo did not slay the villagers and those who sought to stem the invasion. He is a thief, and perhaps there are many other crimes that he should be punished for, but he is not the Just target for Retribution. Nay, good people of Sosaria. Justice is not served by making a scapegoat of Ricardo. As with the parable of Jaana and the Goblin, only those who love what is right for its own sake can deliver Justice. 

Published: December 2006
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