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The Pen Is Mighty
A surprising reception greeted a few of Britannia’s newest authors around the kingdom, and in very different ways! One of the authors, whose book is now on display in the Court of Truth, was flabbergasted by the sudden attentions of the usually insular nobility. Throughout the kingdom they’ve been greeted with warm reception – the ladies and the lords certainly seem pleased to have a new focus for their gossip.

Another essayist recently found that “the pen is mightier” in the local taverns, where they’ve been met with cheers and free drinks for their brazen exposition of the Yew court system. An extraordinary response for what many once considered an unremarkable profession.


(In plain English: The winning essayists will now be treated with respect and admiration by Nobles and Barkeepers depending on where their essay is displayed.

Those who wrote for the Lycaeum will find that barkeepers heartily greet them and offer them a free drink (given directly to the backpack) while other patrons cheer.

Those who wrote for the Court of Truth will find that the nobles greet and bow to them if they haven’t seen them for a while. -- Draconi)

Published: February 2007
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