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The Truth Shall Set Us Free!
Words fail to describe the abundant joy permeating the Lycaeum today; for mages, scholars and scribes at long last have found the lost Book of Truth. Having searched diligently through thousands upon thousands of tomes recovered by noble adventurers, it was announced earlier this morning that one of the many had tested true!

The Lycaeum, and surely Britannia herself, thank all those who braved the depths of dungeons and places most foul to bring the light of Truth back to the people. To honor the one who recovered the true tome, a special plaque has been dedicated to the hero at the shrine within the Lycaeum.

You can find this place by using the teleporter near the bookcases in the Lycaeum, which will take you into the library’s basement.

The heroes being honored for each shard are as follows:

Chesapeake: Uxmal
Atlantic: Lady Andrasta
Catskills: Lord Vallend
Siege Perilous: Yasuo Wakayama
Legends: Aleah
Great Lakes: Ayla
Lake Superior: Esmeralda
Lake Austin: Jasmine
Baja: Lord Maximus Bond
Napa Valley: Jayden
Sonoma: Lord Tanthalius
Pacific: Savara Darkstorm
Origin: Mother St Terese
Oceania: Lord Quintarias
Formosa: White
Arirang: Lord Boo
Balhae: Lord Cpuenter
Europa: Lady Mallory Rayne
Drachenfels: Lord Thenon Tomeshk
Yamato: Lady Cougar
Izumo: Haoumaru
Wakoku: Samia
Hokuto: White Wind
Asuka: Concerto
Mizuho: Lady Vanilla
Mugen: Kinme
Sakura: Lady Cindy

Published: April 2007
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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