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Legendary Thief Offers Get Rich Quick Scheme
(From a flier posted at The Pirate’s Plunder, a tavern in Buccaneer’s Den, Felucca, posted two weeks ago)

Easy money? Learn the hard way, with Ricardo, legendary thief.

As I gaze upon my storehouse of gold, jewels and valuables, I sometimes think to myself: "Ricardo, you are getting too old to be climbing towers, sneaking into windows and running from angry husbands who think I wanted more from their wives than jewelry."

I think the time has come to pass along my knowledge to one of the younger cutpurses, the ones who hang around the alleys of Britannia with hungry eyes and sticky fingers. Show up here tomorrow at twilight, and I’ll pick a worthy successor to the throne of the King of Thieves. Make sure the law isn’t already on your tail. Those with a look of innocence and a charming smile will get extra consideration.

There isn't a door, chest or armoire in the world I can't unlock. If you want to learn my secrets, be here and be ready to work.

Published: June 2007
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