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Alleged Demon Sighted on Shores of Windemere!
Vesper (BNN) - Over the span of the last week, merchant ships and fishing boats have reported a large demon roaming the western shores of the Windemere, a remote area known more for reapers, harpies and the occasional stray ogre.

"'Tis the most fearsome beast I ever seen with me own eyes," said Barnardo, a fisherman who has sailed the Windemere for the past 30 years. "It had orange skin and muscles twice the size of any man! Once I seen it was a watchin' me, I sailed off in the other direction."

The demon is alleged to be over 10 feet tall, with wings that span more than the breadth of a dragon ship at its widest point.

The city guard of both Vesper and Minoc are on alert in case this demon ranges close to either town, and all travelers going east from Minoc or north out of Vesper are being warned of the danger.

Published: June 2007
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