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Battle at Blackcomb
Torn asunder by the whim of Minax, the lands of Britannia are still awash in turmoil and treachery. While the Dark Mistress may be quietly plotting her next move, the people of Britannia are dividing their loyalties. Some follow Lord British to the new facet of Trammel, seeking a peaceful life under his protection. Others, however, embrace the dark power of Minax’s embrace and all that it may offer.

Our spotlight this week focuses on a group, the Ministry of Darkness, who have chosen to follow Minax wherever she may lead. In this missive, Cardinal Fear tells the tale of a battle against Blackcomb Tower, fought in the name of the Dark Mistress.

 “This all began when Minax rose from the depths of darkness to take back the lands that were once controlled by the Rogues, Murderers, and the Monsters. I had several dreams of the Glorious Minax, and this is just one of many adventures that the Evil Village of Grimoire has had that makes our village the best in all of Sosaria. I not only joined this crusade willingly, I was one of the key elements in helping Minax gain control of another Player Run Establishment called Blackcomb.
“In my slumber Minax again did speak. She told me that for the Evil Village of Grimoire to gain in power it must become one with the true powers of darkness. It was then that the vision of our power was revealed to me. The Black Gem of Immortality would be our talisman, and would be guarded by priests in the Temple of Immortality. I watched the dream as the Grimoire tower took a new shape and became the Temple that the Goddess Minax spoke of. A small pillar appeared on the rooftop for the Temple Priests and Grimoire Officials to use in the rituals of the Temple. Minax said that there would be four factions of Evil in the Village, and the one needed to take control of the Blackcomb tower would be the Ministry of Darkness.

“Minax spoke of this newly formed Temple of Immortality as the center of all Evil and the guardian of all Evil artifacts. From here we would be able to carry on the teachings of our Goddess and of the others that also harness the powers of the Black Gem. Just then my dream was interrupted by a strong disturbance. Minax looked somewhat enraged, and she disappeared from my dream. When I woke up, I got word from the Grimoire’s Executioner, Craggan that Trinsic was no longer under Minax’s control. I investigated to find out what happened to the city.

“After learning that the Lady Minax was so kind as to release her hold on Trinsic, I knew that it was time to release the Ministry of Darkness (MoD) on the Realm of Blackcomb (-B-). The Ministry of Darkness was composed of three smaller guilds including Temple of Immortality, The Sinful, and The Love Crusade.

“On the eve of Evil’s glory we made our assault on the Realm of Blackcomb, led by the Executioner, Craggan. The Ministry of Darkness, with a small force of twelve, ran in to the middle of the Realm and called for Duke Njord of Blackcomb to throw down his weapons and renounce his King in the name of the Queen Minax. The Duke’s feeble forces attempted to cast spells from atop the roof of the Blackcomb Tower, so we in turn cast with the force of ten daemons upon their apprentice mages. Several of the Blackcomb members died, but still the Duke would not come and face the Ministry of Darkness. After growing tired of the Duke’s fear of facing his destiny, the MoD Warriors stormed the Blackcomb Tower. The fierce MoD Warriors climbed the stairs to the well of the tower roof where they were trapped like rats in the storm of minor spells cast down by the remaining Blackcomb Mages. Their attack was not enough to keep the mighty MoD Warriors from pushing their way to the rooftop. MoD was now more determined then ever to destroy the Duke and all of his slaves for their resistance to the Great Mistress Minax.

“The Blackcomb Tower’s pitiful defenses were completely eradicated by the MoD Warriors, before we realized that the Duke was no longer among them. We quickly fled to our Tower in case the Duke tried to mount a counter assault against the Temple of Immortality. It wasn’t long before we heard the thunder of horses on the grounds of Grimoire. Blackcomb charged the Temple with great courage, but the force of MoD was much too strong for Blackcomb’s weakened fighters to penetrate the roof. A few of our Warriors lost their lives, but in the end MoD repelled the attack of the Blackcomb forces and sent the remaining few home screaming for Lord British to save them.

“Once again the Duke was able to make his escape, and so we devised a plan and made our final assault on Blackcomb. When we arrived in the middle of the Realm, several of Blackcomb’s Apprentice Warriors were there to greet us with their swords. The Ministry came prepared for this by bringing along two daemons to do the light work of killing the Blackcomb Warriors. The Countess of Blackcomb came out of hiding and quickly dispelled the fierce daemons of MoD, after which she passed out from the use of her mana, which apparently hadn't been used in some time. The Ministry of Darkness dispatched all of the Blackcomb Warriors and was again victorious. The Executioner, Craggan decided to wake the Countess and take her prisoner to stand trial for the crime of supporting the False Virtues of that ridiculous flop Lord British. The Duke once again, ran out on his people and left them to die by the hand of MoD.

“The trial given by Craggan and his jury was a short one, considering the fact that we never let the Countess tell any lies by keeping a gag firmly placed in her mouth. Elric, the Prophet of Skassak, determined that Blackcomb, the Duke and the Countess were indeed guilty of supporting the False Virtues. The Countess was sentenced to Death by the blade of The Messenger, Cardinal Exodus.

“Minax was pleased with our ability to help in the name of darkness, but Minax has now focused her efforts on a much larger temple. Minax wants the throne of Lord British, and Grimoire intends to make sure that this becomes a reality.

-The Murderer Cardinal Fear

Mayor of Grimoire

Join us next week, as we continue to spotlight tales of adventure in Britannia. And be sure to keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics!

Published: October 2000
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