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Military reinforces Maginicia! Invasion stren
Early this morning military vessels anchored off the coast of Magincia, sending desperately needed troops and supplies ashore. The ships, under the authority of Commander Falcon, were dispatched by order of the Royal Council, in response to the unceasing incursion of daemons into the city.

Townspeople continue to stream through the makeshift barricades and defensive lines in an effort to evacuate to Trinsic. Soldiers and medics have been tending to the devastated citizens, and working diligently with the survivors to bring the situation under control.

Meanwhile, a large group of volunteers, coming from all walks of life, have taken up arms alongside the kingdom reinforcements. Support is pouring in from across the realm, and though the city’s own militia has all been but wiped out, there is hope that the tide may yet be stemmed.

On this note, however, we must warn our readers that the military has still been unable to assess the continued threat against Magincia. A surge of daemonic activity has nearly overwhelmed the defenders more than once in the last few hours. There are rumors that the Royal Guard may be dispatching a new class of naval units, but to what end this will aid the city, we cannot be certain at time of publish.

Published: November 2007
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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