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Buccaneer's Den
Buccaneer’s Den - a city of scoundrels, thieves, ruffians, and petty criminals. A city founded on a black market of pirate loot and smugglers profits. A city where nearly everything can be bought - or stolen. And certainly not a home for a young Britannian lass! Our spotlight this week focuses on Maid Marian, a lass whose curiosity and whim for adventure earned her a swift trip to Buccaneer’s Den, the most dangerous city of Britannia.

 “Hail! My name is Maid Marian. Born many years ago in the noble city of Trinsic. As a young girl, I would play near the docks, and when my eye wandered I would run to Barrier Isle or the South Gate known as Smuggler’s Gate. One day while I was at Barrier Isle I saw a most interesting ship leaving the docks. It had a tall mast and rising to the topmast flew a black flag with a skull and cross bones. This was not a common act for vessels, to raise the flag while leaving harbor, for most kept their flags up all the time. I was very interested in this ship and day after day I would wait out on Barrier Isle for another to arrive. Finally, one day another arrived. The passengers departed and headed off into the city. When the coast was clear I quickly ran on board and searched with wide eyes of amazement. Canons, swords, and spears, lay strewn on the deck.
“A booming voice came from the docks not minutes later. I glanced over the stern and almost screamed! They were boarding! I quickly sought a hiding place below deck. My heart was pounding with fear and excitement. Unfortunately I was struck with such fear of being caught, I failed to watch my step as I made my way down. One miss placed step and I tumbled to the bottom and landed head first on a canon ball in the far corner. Stricken with pain, I blacked out. The last thing I heard was the booming voice of the pirate captain shouting orders to set sail.

“I’m not sure how long I was unconscious, but I awoke to the smell of rotting fish and stale barrels of ale. Taking my time to collect myself, I looked at my surroundings. No voices could be heard, but the screech of the sea gulls was starting to make my head hurt. Cautiously I peered out side and saw no one on board or anywhere nearby. Where was I? I peered over the side of the ship. Tall palm trees surrounded a small village; ferns grew almost every few feet. Strange sounds filled the air. My worst fear had come true, I was lost and far from home, in an alien world.

“I took a few minutes to shed some tears of fear and sorrow. Afterwards, I decided to find out where the pirate ship has sailed. Having once heard stories of a city of thieves, brigands, and pirates that lay far away to the northeast. I headed down the bank to the docks below. Fish corpses and fishing nets lay scattered about the dock. A bird of a species I had never seen before flew by and landed just a few yards in front of me. It squawked a few times and turned to face me. It spat out a few words, “WAAAA, ahoy matie!, WAAA, ahoy matie!” A talking bird? I was awestruck! The bird flew off to the west over a bridge and into a huge house. I decided to follow the bird. I headed down the muddy dirt path and over a small bridge. Once I arrived at the house, I became more cautious. I hid behind a group of tall ferns and peered into the nearest window. The house looked empty and a scent of food wafted from the windows I had no idea how long I had slept after my fall, my head ached very badly, and my hunger was strong. I snuck into the house and proceeded to follow my sense of smell to the food that sat on a large table in the back room. I reached to grab a big leg of meat when a strong hand shot out and grabbed my arm before I had moved more than a few inches.

“A large man stood before me with a slight grin on his face.

“’Art thou trying to steal my food little one?’

“I about lost my wits, but managed to spit out a few words to him.

“’I’m sorry sir, my hunger has gotten the better of me. I have not eaten in days.’

“He chuckled and pulled up a chair and pointed to it and ordered me to sit next to him. He pushed a huge plate of fruit and meat in front of me and said, ‘Eat little one, you indeed look hungry.’ I started to devour the food in front of me, and only glanced up a few times to look at the huge man. He sat there looking at me and humming to himself. Once I had finished licking the crumbs off the plate, he pulled out a goblet, filled it with some water, and pushed it my direction.

“’What is your name little one?’

“’Marian sir, from Trinsic.’ “He looked at me with his one good eye, I could tell that he was puzzled.

“’How did you arrive here Marian? You are quite a ways from home!’

“A knot of fear swelled inside my stomach, I turned to him and told him how I gotten here.

“The silence was almost too much to stand, but after a long pause he finally spoke. ‘My name is Gradious, little miss. I am, you could say, the boss around these parts.’ He smiled at me and reached into a chest behind him and pulled out a bedroll. He turned to me and said, ‘You are my guest Miss Marian, you can sleep hear tonight and tomorrow we’ll find you some work.’ He put a hand on my shoulder, said goodnight, and strutted out the door. I quickly feel asleep and dreamed of my family back in Trinsic. The next morning, Gradious woke me and tossed a dress and apron my direction. He smiled at me and said, ‘If you are to stay here, you will work for your food, clean for your bed, and learn the trades of a pirate.’

“So over the next few years, I was Gradious’s Maid, thus the name Maid Marian stuck with me throughout the town and now into my older years. He taught me many things, and was never mean to me. I think back now and come to the conclusion that he must of thought of me as his daughter. The townspeople grew to accept me and Buc’s Den became my home. “

Illustrious Maid Marian GM Warrior, Napa.

Join us next week, as we continue to spotlight tales of adventure in the famed cities of Britannia. And be sure to keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics

Published: October 2000
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