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Blackrock Detector Fails! Mages Reported Miss
Events took a terrifying turn in Moonglow this weekend as Kronos, Director of Alchemical Studies, turned on his blackrock detecting machine for the second, and apparently, very last time. Witnesses reported a keening, rushing sound enveloping the crowd amidst magical flares, when suddenly those standing closest to the machine disappeared in a flare of light!

The remaining onlookers had only a moment’s warning before an explosion ripped through the machine itself, leaving a gaping hole where hundreds had gathered just seconds before. Our own reporter vanished in the initial chaos, leaving the BNN with little to go on for hours as a much more apprehensive crowd began gathering around the smoldering crater.

Their wait wasn’t in vain, however, when after a while a moongate, as dark as night, opened at the base of the crater. Frenzied survivors began pouring out of the portal; screams for healers and aid rang up over the ridges as they clambered up the sides. Against all reason more jumped back into the darkness, but the BNN was already confirming details on what lay beyond with our own correspondent.

We know for certain that the place beyond the rift resembles our own Moonglow, yet is infested with hordes of demonic entities. We also know that one or more of the mages working on the project, Kronos, Melissa, and Dexter, were killed within. The others, if any survive, are missing.

The rift apparently leads not to a “place” so much as a “when.” The local mages are struggling to explain this phenomenon, but claim that the rift is bound to the failure of the experiment the previous day, and has captured some slice of time in which the good people of Moonglow were trapped.

The BNN is also attempting to corroborate reports that some sort of battle took place within the so-called “timerift” between the Time Lord, and other beings of extraordinary power. We’ve also received word that the military is sending reinforcements to secure the perimeter of the gate.

We urge our readers to be wary of the rift, and not enter it under any circumstances! 

Published: April 2008
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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