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Trinsic: OUr Last Stand
For many generations Trinsic stood tall and silent as the city of Honor and Britannian home to valiant paladins of the realm. Aspiring warriors traveled from afar to train beneath the towering sandstone walls, learning the arts of war, of combat, and aptly, of honor. And then, one day, Minax and Malabelle arrived…

 “Borric interrupted him, and called the guild to formation. Before I knew it, I was standing next to some thirty other brave souls who were about to parade into, we surmised, our last stand
“As our brigade headed south towards Trinsic, I’m not afraid to tell you, the mood was grim. You could see in the eyes of everyone the fear of not knowing…

“When the group was considerably closer to the town entrance, we starting running into occasional lich’s and other foul fiends. We feared the odds increased that the carnage and bloodshed we were told of must be true.

“As we approached the gates, we could hear screams and cackling coming from deeper within the city. I will never forget those sounds. They will haunt me till the day I die.

“After looking in past the gates, Lord Borric turned to the guildmembers and others who joined up along the way and said, with a look of despair in his eyes, “I don’t know what we are going to face in here my friends. Things do not look good. I feel we will be outnumbered, but in my heart, I feel it is our duty as citizens of this great land. The good must rise above the evil no matter what the price!” And with that we slowly made our way in the gates. We had decided it would be better to split up into groups and to report back at the stable with any news, I was selected to take post on the stable roof and wait for reports from others out scouring the city. I could hear the screams coming from what seemed like every direction now, thinking with each scream that someone had just lost their life defending what they believed in.

“A few minutes had passed, seeming like ages, when the clouds above me started to darken and reshape themselves in what I can only explain as a vortex formation, lowering at a steady rate towards where I stood. Before I could react, I was surrounded by a horde of lich lords, daemons, and hell hounds that had appeared alongside myself and a few others on the stable roof. I stood frozen as I watched one after another of my fellow watchmen perish to these beasts. As I finally began to comprehend the terror that was engulfing everything around me, a lady appeared before me by the name of Malabelle. I had heard stories of her and how she blamed the loss of her lover on Lord British, but had always just thought of it as old folklore conjured up by the somewhat senile mages that tell stories at the inns for a few gold pieces or ale.

“As she stood before me, she said to me, “Leave this city or you will die like the others!” Looking around, I had to decide what to do. The lich lords and daemons that were summoned by this evil being were now out of victims. I thru on a cape of invisibility that was to no avail; it was useless against her powers. I had no choice but to attempt to fight. I quickly made for the other side of the roof, maneuvering my way through the beasts, as I started feeling that sensation I get whenever I feel myself resisting the magic of others, I knew my time was short. I started to think of my childhood, my family, my friends, and everything that made life worth the struggles each and every one of us endured. I started to chant the words ‘Corp Por’ at the vile creature calling herself Malabelle. I knew it would do nothing to stop her, but was more or less a statement, saying that others like myself, are not afraid to fight and stand together for something that we believe in and that is right!

“To my surprise, as the spell has hit its evil target, a most relieving, familiar beautiful blue light began to manifest next to me. For someone who’s never had a lot of luck, having a moongate appear next to me at this moment in time sure made up for previous several years!. I quickly looked back at Malabelle and her party of the undead. As I stared her in the eyes, I shouted, “Remember this face, for you will see it again!” and with that I made my way through the gate which took me to Yew, where I went onto spread the news of the evil that was infesting the city of Trinsic. I solicited anyone that would listen for their help. We haven’t given up, and as long as evil such as Malabelle exists, we never will...”

-    Lord Uhlrich, Drachenfels

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Published: October 2000
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