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Return to Moonglow
Growing up and leaving home in search of adventure is a natural part of life - even if the home left behind is a beautiful and magical island. Yet after the battles are fought, the exotic and distant lands explored, and treasures mystical and rare recovered, it is oft times the call of the familiar that wins in the end. Our spotlight this week focuses on Kim of Moonglow, a mage recently returned to city of Moonglow to learn the magical arts she abandoned as a child.

 "My name is Kim of Moonglow; or at least that's how everyone calls me. My first name is, in reality, Kimberley, but Father was probably the only one to use it. As for my last name, my family used to have one a few generations ago, but it is said that their attachment to the city of Honesty was so important that Moonglow became part of their name.
"I was born and grew up in the streets of Moonglow with the children of the other mages, and I still remember our games in the maze of teleporters in the center of the city. I remember the afternoons spent in the Royal Zoo, watching with curiosity the mysterious creatures coming from places of Britannia we could only dream of. I remember the evenings near the Telescope, staring at the two moons, Trammel and Felucca, and wondering if someone was living there and looking back at us.

"Our parents were usually leaving at dawn, and coming back home very late, busy with their research in the Lycaeum or working in one of the many mage shops of the island. Thus we had a lot of free time, and soon Verity Island held no secrets from us. One of our favorite pastimes was to wait near the wheat fields of the farms built on the southern part of the island and help the farmer chasing the crows. Eventually, we would end with a few dead crows that we plucked to get feathers and make our own arrows. We could then enter the valley southeast of the Zoo with the hope of catching a deer.

"After a few years, most of my friends stopped spending time hunting in the forests of Moonglow and followed the tracks of their parents in the studies of the Arcane arts. They became apprentices of older mages, running errands for them and learning magery. Hunting a deer was less exciting for them than the ability to create food or see at night or, for the most skilled of them, the ability to summon an animal.

"If I didn't choose to become a Mage then, it was probably because of my rebellious temper and the opportunity of opposing my parents. All my ancestors were great mages, so I was expected to do the same. But since the decision wasn't coming from me, I rejected it. I left Moonglow at the age of sixteen with only my bow and my immense curiosity. I had spent all my youth on the island. It was now time to discover the world!

"I saw the world. I traveled from the jungles of Jhelom to the mountains of Minoc, I saw the sandstone walls of Trinsic and the wooden houses of Yew, touched the sand of Nu'jelm and the snow of Dagger Isle. I finally learned to use magic and entered the hidden city of Wind and I even sailed through the "serpent pillars to see this new land that Crawworth explored for us. I fought everything from mongbats to dragons, explored the deepest dungeons and prayed to the shrines....

"But in all the time and all my travels, I had the odd feeling of missing something. I knew where my place was. All the wondrous places of Britannia had failed to make me forget my roots, and the city of my birth; I finally returned to Moonglow and finished my studies of magic.

"Today, it is me you see wearing the blue robe and the wizard hat while teaching the magical arts to young apprentices inside the Lycaeum, or smiling at the games of children hiding behind the hedges of the teleporter maze. I do not regret anything, and enjoyed the years of my travels, but I belonged to Moonglow, probably as much as Moonglow was part of me, and of my name..."

-Kim of Moonglow.

Join us next week, as we present a tale of Delucia in our continued spotlights on the famous cities of Britannia. And don't forget to keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics!

Published: October 2000
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