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TheSpirit of Skara Brae
The city of Spirituality has long been home to the sea-faring adventurers of Britannia. A common port of call for ships of all sizes, the city is also home to a vibrant community of men and women from all around the land. As Molly, author of today's spotlight, tells, Skara Brae is a community from which many may come and go, but the spirit of Skara Brae calls most back in the end.

 Yes, I am "the" Molly of Skara Brae. Some call me "former Mayor", "Lady", "little healer" and "mintymage". Others have less kind names, and I don't find them important. Just call me "Molly", please.
There's a little known fact about me, but it is something that surfaces every once in a while to remind me. It's about living with amnesia. I do. There is no cure all but the passage of time. It was because of this I learned just what magic Skara Brae holds.

Let me explain a bit more. A couple years ago, I was in a storm on the sea and crashed into Serpent's Hold. When I awoke, I didn't remember who I was. After a while of wandering around, trying to figure out what I could and couldn't do, a simple chant and a random rune landed me in Trinsic - smack in the middle of the rebellion. I was then chased down the street by Sith and Riff Tanen after I rode by them without a word, not recognizing them. How was I to know? They explained some things - the important one being that everyone thought I had been lost entirely.

It was a difficult time. I remembered stuff of very long ago and of the time after I woke up in Serpent's Hold, but the last few years were a complete blur. I returned to Skara Brae, for that is and always will be my home. This is why I write now, to capture the spirt of Skara Brae. This is the power of Skara Brae: the essence of spirit you find here. It soothes the heart and eases the mind. It captures the soul and never lets go. It returns the lost, and welcomes the new to its shores. See? I was never really "lost" after all.

Many people find it hard to believe I am from Skara Brae. Amy Tenderheart said to me once, "But Molly, you dress like a city girl!" That is true. I have traveled. I left Skara Brae at the age of thirteen with a passing pirate crew; sailing to distant shores and making a life upon the rolling seas filled with wild adventure. Still, I returned to Skara Brae, with its quiet simplicity and unpretentious charms. I journeyed to Britain, but it was too much of a big city for me. I fled from there and learned the arts of magery and healing at a once popular place known as Silk's Tavern. I walked the darker paths, and held to my beliefs. It was there I met others like me, some also from Skara. I came back home. I watched them, and we became friends.

They formed the first council of Skara: Rogero, Ynys, Cygnus, Amy and others. I helped. I'm not really a politician... I didn't think so at the time. As I was going through an old box the other day, I found pictures that I thought I'd lost for good. There they were, crackled edges, slightly torn from moves around the world: pictures of the Mayfair and a document that helped me figure out everyone. My memory still resembles swiss cheese in places, and silly as I thought it at the time to keep a journal of sorts perhaps a part of me knew someday I'd need it. I've always been told I have a sense about the future.

Others councils came after them, one led by Dundee and his pretty wife Shade, and the council that elected me mayor for a time. We held newbie giveaways, the crazy Clash matches, a glorious Spirit Festival, hosted meetings and held off town invasions. With Ty, Buffy, Brandy, and Percy working with me and all of us for what was best for "Skara First"... I was proud to be a part of their group!

You see, the words I weave now aren't about me; they're for and about everyone who has come through these city streets. Someone asked me recently who I was. I confess it caught me off guard. Alone? I am no one. With people such as the Skara Brae Rangers, the councils of Skara Brae, the good and honorable guilds that call it home, together we are Skara Brae.

Some people flee from their sprits; I embrace mine every day with the coming of the sun. I sail now, searching for the final piece of the puzzle to bring me peace with eyes of an eagle, a distant melody of love and the wind to carry me as I go. No matter how far I sail, how many people I talk to, Skara is always with me and waits for my return. Most days I just stand upon the shores not far from my home and look across the channel to Skara Brae, marveling at the boats up and down the shore. So take my flowers and trees if you please, rub the ground red with blood if you must, for those are mere sights to see. Sights are nice - don't get me wrong. No one can take the spirit of Skara Brae from all of us who call this magical island home. Ever.

-Molly of Skara Brae

Join us next week, as we present a tale of Skara Brae in our continued spotlights on the famous cities of Britannia. And don't forget to keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics!

Published: October 2000
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