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A Song For Destard
For generations, the bards of Britannia have sung the tales of heroes brave, maidens fair, and dragons ferocious and mighty. Our spotlight tale this week is one such song, sung of a night in Destard in which three hunters face down an Ancient Wyrm… and one lives to tell the tale.

 “Three heroes dared Destard’s dark rage,
An Ancient Wyrm to slay.
One a warrior, another a mage,
And the last a lass with a harp to play
“In Destard there is eternal night
, But they heard an enormous squirm.
So the wizard gave them magic sight,
And right there was the Ancient Wyrm.

“The Wyrm cocked one eye wide
And almost too quick to see,
The warrior was toasted, or maybe fried
And the mage was fricasseed.

“But the bard did use some magic grease
To cover her skin and clothes,
So the dragon’s breath was a summer breeze
And frail as a late summer rose.

“On her harp the lass played a song
Of the world when it was green.
Orc’s were fat, young Wyrms were strong,
And men were creatures of dream.

“Provoked beside the sunless lakes
And mourning that old green time,
The angry Wyrm slew three drakes,
Before it was killed by a slime.

“And now this tale of the monster’s end
Has come to be known it its term
By words of wisdom common to ment
‘The oily bard gets the Wyrm.’”

- Kraven, Dragon Tamer of Kinship Village, Catskills

Join us next week as we continue to Spotlight your tales of adventure in the lands of Britannia. Be sure to keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics, and send in your stories!

Published: October 2000
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