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Shame - An Elemental Loss
Endings aren't always happy. On occasion, the evil and dastardly villain has been known to run away with the beautiful princess. Sometimes the scorching breath of a dragon melts the brave and shining knight. And unfortunately, the hero doesn't always ride off into the sunset.

Our spotlight today focuses on Rabin Siggursson, and a tragic adventure into the depths of Dungeon Shame.

"As he stood and wiped the tears from his eyes, Rabin Siggursson pondered all the failings in his life...
"The idea had been a good one. When Mannix invited him to go hunting Earth Elementals, it had sounded like such a challenge, and excellent training for a young warrior. He had slapped his horse, Sweetness, on the neck as he fed apples to her and then mounted- ready for adventure.

"'I will stand behind you and heal your wounds, while you get to fight creatures that will really challenge your abilities.'

"Mannix's words now rang in his mind.

"The first time he saw one of these Earth Elementals it had been quite a shock.

"'It's huge, Mannix, and looks like it's made of rock!' he exclaimed.

"Sweetness, beneath him, began scrambling backwards in fear.

"'No - it's just hard mud, not rock. You can beat it, just keep 'whacking' it with that axe I gave you and it'll crumble to dust,' Mannix grinned.

"The axe did look good, and felt particularly well balanced, though not silver like his present from Drizzt. He steadied his horse with his knees and swung the axe overhead at the creature. It thudded home and chunks of dirt flew from the creature. The dust it raised made Rabin blink as his eyes watered, and the weapon seemed to be stuck. He wrestled with it and had just pulled it free when…

"'Agh!... I think a tree just fell on me', he cried, his head spinning.

"'Hit it again,' yelled Mannix, 'I've got you covered...'

"A soothing feeling passed through his mind and Rabin swung the axe once more, momentarily closing his eyes as it bit home once more. The creature roared and his mount snickered nervously.

"'I think he felt that one...'

"Things continued in this vein for some time. Mannix's healing skills seemed to be well able to cope with the injuries he sustained, even when huge poisonous scorpions attacked from time to time. Although it was these that, in the end, caused the problem...

"The fighting had progressed well when suddenly two scorpions appeared at the corner nearby while Rabin and Mannix were already dealing with an elemental.

"'Poisoned!' Rabin shouted automatically as pain wracked his body.


"He did not have time to look around for his friend, but patiently endured the pain as he waited for the healing coolness to fill him, his axe swinging all the time.

"The elemental hit him with a savage blow, almost tearing his left arm off at the shoulder and one of the scorpions struck him viciously in the ribs - penetrating his armor, with another dose of poison. He began to feel dizzy and called once more,

'Mannix, I need a heal...'

"The axe now felt like lead in his grasp and his left arm was hanging almost uselessly by his side. He heard a shout through the red mist of his pain.

"'Run, Rabin! Run!'

"Feeling very unsteady in the saddle, he broke free from the attack and guided Sweetness toward a side passage he had seen earlier, turning to see that Mannix was under attack by a scorpion and that this would prevent Mannix from coming to his aid quickly enough.

"His horse lurched around the corner and finally the pain was too much. He lost his grip on Sweetness' mane and slid off her back to land unceremoniously in a pile of dirt from one of his earlier conquests. Darkness began to settle in around him when he heard Sweetness scream.

"'Oh, Goddess, not again, please...'

"As he finally lost consciousness he could hear Mannix's voice as though it was echoing down a long, long tunnel.

"'Save the horse. Someone please help me, save the horse...' and the blackness was upon him.

"Again, it felt like only moments had passed and he regained consciousness to see a strange mage standing over him. 'Wha...?'

"'Rest easy for a few minutes,' the stranger said, 'You'll need time to get your strength back.'

"He turned to see Mannix looking at him unhappily.

"'What happened?'

"'Sorry, Rabin. I ran out of mana. Spells wouldn't work and I was poisoned too.'

"There was something Mannix did not want to tell him. Slowly he rose to his feet and approached the scene of the battle. Falling to his knees, he laid his hand upon the still warm corpse of his faithful companion.

"'I just can't seem to keep my friends alive, Mannix,' a choking laugh escaped his throat, 'Sweetness... I let you down girl... I just wasn't good enough...' His voice broke and his shoulders shook as huge racking sobs escaped his lumbering frame. He threw himself atop her body in anguish and torment as tears streamed down his mud-streaked face.

"Mannix stood silently, watching Rabin, knowing that he needed to say his goodbyes, before walking over and laying his hand gently upon the young warrior's shoulder.

"'Come on, Rabin... Let me take you out of here...'

-    Rabin Siggursson, Drachenfels

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Published: October 2000
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