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Lady Amber's Story
About a month after our UO wedding I couldn't stand it anymore I had to tell Teclis how I really felt, that for me this wasn't just a virtual relationship that I really cared for him. We then agreed that whatever we said to eachother was going to be based on real life feelings, not virtual. It was then that Teclis turned to me and said I love you. I was never so happy. We decided it was time to exchange photographs, and as any normal person I was scared to death at what I was going to see. My fears were put to rest once I laid my eyes on the man that I love.

We started making plans for visiting, which in our case was very hard for he is in England and I in the United States. Just when we thought things were hopeless, I got a big surprise from him. He asks what are you doing in October?, and announced he would be coming to the states for a visit. During the week he visited was the best week in my entire life, but saying goodbye and watching him board the plane back to England was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

It was hard going back to UO to see him, but it was all we had. For the next month we both were feeling desperate and determined we tried to figure out ways to see eachother once again, and that day came. He announced to me he would be visiting for the Christmas holidays. I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present, and once again our week together was great. I didn't want him to leave, but I knew he had to, It was even harder to let go of him this time then the last time.

It was back to UO again. We ressumed our 8 hours of UO days together, wondering yet again when we were going to see eachother again. Here it is not even a month after his last visit and he has decided to visit again in February. Only this visit will be an extra special visit, for not only will we be spending Valentine's Day together, we will also be celebrating our 1 year together. We have made other plans as well. We have decided that we are going to get married, this time for real. I would have never guessed that spending endless hours playing UO would lead me to be the happiest woman alive, but it has.

Yours Truly, Lady Amber

Published: April 1999
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