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A Horse Named Ninja
We live in age where the wags in the tavern shake their heads and say "No good deed ever goes unpunished". For that reason, it's refreshing to hear of those who find their good deeds rewarded. The spotlight this week comes from Catty, who tells us a story of generosity.

"I remember when I dare not stray out of the safety of Haven. That seems like so long ago, compared to what I do now. But there's one particular day in Haven I'll remember all my life... It was a great day, no clouds to be seen in the sky. I was wandering the farms just southeast of town, looking for horses that needed a caring master. Of course, horses aren't the only creatures out in those trees. Lizard men roam the woods, looking for the foolhardy newbie adventurer, or for a tame horse to cook in their empty kettle. I came across a lovely white horse, one sure to earn me and my wolf Shoju a good meal. Only if I could get it back to town without those hissing lizard folk coming after it. I approached the horse slowly, trying not to startle it with sudden movements. Quietly, I commanded Shoju to stay back. The apples I had just spent my last gold coins on worked like magnets. As soon as the horse smelled it, he strolled up, and took the apple half from my opened hand.
"'That's right. Good horsy. Do you want to come with me, away from all these lizards?' In reply, the white horse nudged my arm, asking for more apples.

"'Now, you can have more later. I think I'll call you Ninja.' I coached the horse onward toward the village with quiet words of praise. 'Come on. Good horse. You're a nice horse.' I herd the growl of my friend wolf, and looked back.

"'Lizard men, oh great.' I climbed onto Ninja's back, and turned him toward the fray. My katana was ready in my sweating hand, ready to punish the cowardly monster that try to take Shoju. Much to my surprise, fighting alongside my timber wolf was a crimson-clad adventurer.

"'Hail' he said above the hissing of lizard men.

"'Hello' I charged into the fight, swinging my katana, and missing nearly every swing.

"'Are you a healer?' the unknown fighter asked.

"I replied with 'No, sorry. I'm just a tamer.' The lizard man fell to the ground, but not before calling it's friends on us. The crimson warrior cursed. He had nearly lost his life trying to defend my Shoju. I felt it only right to return the favor. I jumped down from Ninja's back, and gave him my last command 'Ninja transfer your loyalties to this man.' Ninja acknowledged my plea, and strode over to the unknown lifesaver.

"'Thank you, milady.'

"'No,' I replied 'Thank you. Shoju, follow me.' Ah, but if you think this is the end of my story, you are mistaken. A long while later, in the city of Delucia, I was standing next to the bank, listing to gossip, when a man approached me.

"'Hello there, long times no see.'

"'Excuse me, but do I know you?' I asked.

"'Well, maybe you don't remember me, but I'm sure you remember him.' He patted his white steed. 'Ninja, this is your friend.' The name hit me like a rock.

"'Ninja! That's Ninja! Shoju look, it's Ninja.' Shoju whined a bit.

"'Well, milady. I must be going.' But before he left, he said one more thing. 'Sunny, transfer.' A bizarre creature strode up to me on two legs. It was the most amazing creature I had ever seen. A bystander commented, 'Nice frenzied Ostard.'"

May all of you out there find your good deeds rewarded.

It is with pleasure that we present these tales of your communities and adventures in Ultima Online. Please join again next week as we share another of the many stories of Britannia that you have created. Join us next week as we continue our spotlight on tales of your adventures and accomplishments. Please keep an eye on FYI for new spotlight topics!

Published: October 2000
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