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The Courage of Dagda Redgranite
t has been said that there is no defeat unless one first surrenders to their fears. Today we look at a story of the warrior Dagda Redgranite as he delves into the depths of a dark dungeon and encounters a sight he had never wanted to see.

"As I flung open the doors to the lich's throne room, I knew that this would be no ordinary walk through a dungeon. Quickly guzzling a nightsight potion, I strapped on my shield and held tight to my war axe. Looking around the corner, I noticed a lich heading towards me, his eyes glowing red with magical energies.
"Wielding my war axe, I dashed towards the undead apparition. Slicing with expert precision, the lich soon fell to the ground, its head dangling from its shoulders by a thin piece of skin.

"Taking a deep breath, I plunged deeper into the confines of the throne room. Finding the stairway that I was looking for, I felt a slight pain in my right hand. Looking at where I was gripping the war axe, I noticed that my knuckles had turned white from how tight I was holding the weapon.

"Calming myself down by reciting a favorite poem of mine, I adjusted my helm. Checking my pack for bandages, I descended the steps to where I would meet my foe.

"When I came to the bottom of the steps, I noticed just how small the room was. The room was tiny in comparison to the vast caverns that extended beyond it. Drinking another potion, my vision became clearer. Taking a step toward the exit of the room, I could hear the faint growl of a dragon off in the distance. The sound rattled me to the core, but I strode on, looking for my prize. Gaining my composure, I walked around the great cave, searching for some sign of the great beast that I was to slay.

"Sensing something behind me, I wheeled around with my war axe poised to strike. When I was completely turned, there before me was a brownish colored dragon. But as I looked closer I noticed that it was much smaller than a dragon. Smiling beneath my helm, I knew that I had found what I was looking for, the dreaded drake.

"Muttering a quick prayer to the Maiden, I charged the large beast, making slicing motions with my axe hoping to catch it off guard. I was able to get many hits in before it swiped at me with its enormous claw. As the blow glanced off my shield, I swung my war axe, carving into the monster's thick hide. Bellowing in pain, the creature snapped at me with its great maw, cutting through my armor and into my shoulder.

"Grimacing, I pulled a bandage out of my pack and applied it to the wound. Laughing, I swung my war axe with improved vigor. As blood spurted from the beast's many wounds, the drake started to sway to and fro from loss of blood. Sensing that my victory was at hand, I pulled my halberd off my back and slashed at the monster. Cleaving the head off in one fell swoop, the drake crashed to the ground.

"Chuckling at how easy the beast was to conquer, I pulled my dagger from its sheath and began to skin the once proud beast. Putting the hides in my pack, I thanked the Maiden for guiding me through the battle and pulled some reagents from a small pouch on my belt. Muttering a magical incantation, I arrived at my home. Although I was wounded, it was a small price to pay.

The reward in gold the warrior received from the beast would never be able to compare to the reward of facing ones fears. Throughout the lands, there are a brave few who are willing to fight. May you be amongst them.

It is with pleasure that we present these tales of your communities and adventures in Ultima Online. Please join again next week as we continue our spotlight on tales of your adventures and accomplishments and share another of the many stories of Britannia that you have created. Please keep an eye on FYI for new spotlight topics!

Published: October 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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