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Trevor's Resurrection
We live in an age of the miraculous, where adventurers rise from the dead to fight another day. For some, the first time they experience this can be a shocking and alarming experience. This week we hear from the adventurer Trevor from Europa as he describes his first time at a healer.

“ The savage gusts of wind filled my ears! I knew that this was it. My life force was leaving me and saying ‘good riddance’. One last blast and I fell to the ground with a jolt. Strangely enough, I found the strength to regain my feet and take another swing at the air elemental towering above me. But as I swung, I realised I was holding nothing.
"‘Oh no,’ I thought, ‘I must have dropped my sword! It will surely be feasting on my flesh any second now!’ Still, ever the warrior, I turned to retrieve my sword from the ground, expecting at any time the final deadly blow. But what I found when I turned around was far worse than the maws of the giant I had just been attempting to dispatch. Lying on the ground there… was ME! In that horrendous moment I realised why the beast had ignored me! My mind raced (did I still have a mind?).

“ I stared at the body and realized how grey I looked there, and how everything was grey all around me. So this was death! I looked at my own hands and saw that I had a translucent quality. ‘Curses!’ I thought eloquently, ‘I can’t let it end like this. I won’t!’ My body on the earth was lifeless, with a gaping wound in the head, and many other injuries that I shan’t go into detail about. Suffice it to say I didn’t look my best. I turned to watch the air elemental wandering off to find some other unsuspecting victim, and a feeling of helplessness overwhelmed me as I battered myself with ‘what ifs’.

"I stood there for some time (I use the word stood in its loosest term… floated would be a better description) considering what my options were (if any). I was brought to my senses by noises off to the north. The noises grew louder, and I hoped in my heart of hearts that it was something coming to my aid. Perhaps an angel…the delusional stage had set in! It was, however, a group of orcs out scavenging; I could see their twisted, misshapen bodies through the trees and hear their deep guttural voices. The next thing I noticed was that one of them was much bigger than the other four. This larger orc was obviously in charge; he would be a lord amongst his kind, owing to his stature and apparent physical prowess. They had obviously been alerted by the noise of the battle, and were now sniffing out the possibility of loot with their keen sense of smell. I knew they would find my body and end up sitting around a campfire with me as their main course. I was not going to hang around to watch, so I started off in their direction and hoped I could somehow draw their attention away from my corpse.

“I started off to the north screaming and shouting (Hey, what were they going to do? KILL ME?!). The smaller orcs just ignored me, since they obviously couldn’t see me. I ran amongst them (giving my best impression of a ghost), until the larger one arrived on the scene and turned and looked straight at me. He grinned a hideous grin as I oooooeed for all I was worth. Then he turned to the others and said, in some sort of barely recognizable language, ‘He close lads, ghost here’.

“He began to laugh and the others joined in. ‘I’m starving,’ he roared, ‘lets eat’. I stopped oooooing. He then said to me, ‘You come watch if you like!’ They left me there, laughing raucously as they went to find my remains. Feelings of rage overtook me as I thought about his words, and I had a renewed determination that I would come back for their blood and obliterate their souls utterly. It was not going to end this way! This much I promised myself.

“‘First things first,’ I thought. I had heard tell that there were healers in this land, healers of great skill who could perhaps resurrect me. My first job, then, was to find one of these elusive characters and somehow let them know I was there, and I had to do this quickly as I did not know how long I would be in this state of limbo.

“So off I went in search of something, but whether I’d know it when I found it was a totally different question. The area I was in was a true monster lair, into which I had strayed by chance. It was an area just west of the renowned dungeon of Shame, where I was originally heading when I was waylaid by many orcs and the air elemental that had taken my life. I had been able to outrun the orcs, but I could not escape the wailing winds of the other. Eventually I'd realized I could run no further and made the decision to stand fight (my first and last mistake, but hey, nobody’s perfect!).

“All these events went through my mind, as well as many others from my life, and I reasoned that perhaps my life was passing before my eyes. This hardened my resolve further! I had to find someone now! My walk became a trot, but I saw no signs of human life. All around were only signs of death and destruction. Many orcs roamed these woods, as well as many other unmentionables. I saw what I recognized to be a wraith. As it turned and smiled at me, my soul screamed out to me. This was a nightmare to end all nightmares; the worst nature had to offer. Is that what I will become? I tried to shy away from the thought- a wraith preying upon the living! The thought was too much for me, and I began to panic. I turned from the apparition and fled, desperately trying to hold some sort of sanity. But it wasn’t working; I was losing it fast.

“How long I ran I could not say; I only knew I needed to find something! Running with me all the way were the vile visions of the day, and every nightmare I had ever experienced, all crowding into my psyche. I could take no more. I stopped somewhere in the wood and screamed out to the grey sky above and sobbed into the grey grass below. Darkness was gathering around me and I welcomed it with open arms - anything to escape this feeling of madness. As I lay there waiting for the darkness to envelop me, I became aware of a light through the trees above my head. I twisted round to see where the light was emanating from. Please let it be my salvation! I peered though the trees and recognized the flames of a campfire. The vision of the four orcs ripping bits of flesh from a corpse was all I could see in my mind's eye.

“I approached the makeshift camp warily, not really wanting to see what I was sure I would see. As I got closer, I saw a… MAN. Could it be? Surely this was the final joke at my expense! I resigned myself to the consequences and entered the light of the small fire. The man looked up. He looked youthful, but he seemed to have great wisdom in his eyes. I expected him to transform into a hideous demon at any moment. I knew I would have succumbed without a fight, as I felt my spirit was at its weakest.

“‘Come closer, that I may touch you, ghost,’ he said, and to me it sounded as if his voice was a great distance away. I went to him, and he held out his hands to touch me where my lower arms should have been. Incredibly, I felt something touch my soul. I told him I felt his touch but he ignored me.

“ ‘You are far gone, friend. Come; we must hurry or you will never walk this plane again.' His words struck a chord with me. Far gone... I had been running blindly for such a long time, with only my horrors to accompany me (far gone was an understatement). My mind was wandering again… voices in my head. But one voice very far away stood out, and I tried to concentrate on that voice’s words. ‘LISTEN… LISTEN... YOU MUST BELIEVE IN LIFE. IT’S A LEAP OF FAITH YOU MUST MAKE…' then, as the image of the smiling wraith tried to take over my thoughts once more, ‘COME ON, CONCENTRATE YOUR EFFORTS. THINK OF THE LIGHT. THINK OF COLOUR!!!’ I tried to remember what color looked like… the word ‘Blue’ formed in my mind. ‘THINK OF LOVE, AND THE JOY OF RUNNING YOUR FINGERS THROUGH THE HAIR OF THE ONE YOU CARE FOR. THINK OF THE FEEL OF SILK OR SAND BENEATH YOUR FEET AS YOU DIVE INTO THE BLUE SEA.’ That word again ... ‘blue’. My thoughts began to swirl, faster and faster… like a whirlwind increasing in speed. Then I saw the orcs laughing as they went in search of my corpse, the large one turning and grinning with murder in its eyes. Yes, my corpse, I would make them pay. SCUM! BLUE BLUE!! I saw the air elemental before me now swirling into the whirlwind, and then… pain!

“Oh, such pain, agonizing, excruciating pain was now what I felt. I opened my eyes and saw red before my eyes- blood red. I gasped for air and tried to scream… blackness, unconsciousness- peace! But then… I stood looking at the body, there on the grass, at my feet. There was color all around me, the brightness almost dazzling me, as if I had just stepped out of a dark room. I shielded my eyes and there, through the trees, I spotted the greyness. And out of it came the wraith, smiling still, but that smile turning to a grin as it beckoned me towards it. ‘NO!’ But still it beckoned. I looked down at the body and thought, ‘Now I must return for my vengeance.’ I stepped into my own body and smiled back at the wraith. Its smile had turned into a howl that shook my spirit. I left it there screaming…

“ Screaming, I awoke and opened my eyes. Then there were reassuring hands and a voice. ‘Calm now, you’re going to be fine!’ A shame my body didn’t seem to share this optimism, as agony wracked my body again. I managed to look down at my body and saw the wounds all over my body, now with bandages wrapped around them. And then the darkness overwhelmed me again. Consciousness pervaded my sleep quite a few more times, each time a little easier and less painful than the last. How long I laid there I have no idea. And always the hands and the voice, reassuring, cajoling, persuading, gentle, caring.

“ I opened my eyes, and the sun was already quite high in the sky, mid-morning. I sat up and winced a little. Then I tested out my joints and stood up. There was a little pain, but nothing compared to… where was he? I looked around but there was no sign of him, or his camp!!! Surely embers would be lying around, the remains of his fire. I scouted the area and checked for any newly dug fire-holes… nothing. He had vanished from the face of the earth. Had he moved me while I slept? But why? The only thing I found was a backpack next to my bedroll. Inside I found my spell book and my rune book with a scrap of parchment. Scrawled on this were the words, ‘Enough to get you home. Have a safe journey and be careful.’ There was no signature. I kissed the parchment and tears welled up in my eyes. I lifted my head and shouted, ‘THANK YOU! WHOEVER OR WHATEVER YOU ARE!’ It felt good to be alive… and the sky above me was BLUE. HAHAHA!!!!!”

It is with pleasure that we present these tales of your adventures in Ultima Online. We hope that through these writings, you can learn more about our world, and the citizens who make up the people of Britannia. Join us next week as we continue our spotlight on tales of your adventures and accomplishments. Please keep an eye on FYI for new spotlight 

Published: December 2000
Please Note: Some dates are estimates as exact dates were unavailable.
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