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At Night in the Service of Minax
The night fires burn until the early hours in the fortress just south of Papua. The followers of Minax gather to defend their mistress' fortress, to prove their devotion, and perhaps to one day earn the title of Avenger of Mondain. Clive W. Moonracer of Catskills takes us inside the fortress walls to share a glimpse of life in the service of the dark mistress.

"What better way to repay the one who made my profession a success than to serve her?

"My name is Clive W. Moonracer of Catskills. Assassin. At your service.

"So you want to know what it's like being in the Faction of Minax, eh? Then let me begin…

"The day begins as any other; waking up to the sight of dead trees, fear and death hang heavily in the air from the battles the night before. Ahh, yes. Good old Felucca. Thanks to Minax, my profession has become a bit more… profitable.

"'Mornings are somewhat slow - the other men and women still a bit groogy from defending their keep, but soon coming to full attention. You know, having just about ever city save two makes a follower of the Lady Minax proud. Of course, those two will be ours within the hours…'

"Clive smirks.

'"It does become somewhat a bore when you always win against the other factions and wait for them to attack. So by good gesture, and, of course, our own enjoyment, a bunch of men will gather and…hunt… the other opposing factions. Oh, to hear the sound of their screams of fear when they see us riding our steeds forth, knowing they will die. Britain has become a popular spot for this… sport. The fools think they are safe in their own city.'

"Clive laughs, 'Oh how wrong they are. No one is safe from us! Follow Minax or die! There is no option.

"I sometimes like to stand at the bank, hidden within the shadows, and wait for a so-called 'true Britannian' to arrive to bank his newfound goods. I appear from the shadows behind them, and ohhh, the fear in their eyes. They become paralyzed from it! They fumble to ready their weapon to defend themselves and cry out for their faction brothers, but too late. My blade seeped with poison jams through their flesh. The body falls. The kill is over.

"We return back to the keep at night and tell the tales of our small raids. Night falls and we all prepare for a raid that we are sure will come. Being stealthy as I am, I keep a sharp look out, hidden within the shadows at the front gates, watching for any rivals. And, of course, I do spot them. Riding north, with a plan visible in their eyes.

"I send message to my faction mages and they wait for the enemy to arrive inside, where we attack with force. I jump from high atop the keep, running any man through who faces me. The poison mixed with blood is quite… pleasing. They fall rapidly, for no one can withstand my deadly poison.

"We keep many members near the town gems that we are in the process of corrupting. We fight back, blade against blade, magic flaring all over the place. "Screams of pain and death cry out, one after another. They try to overwhelm us with their dragons and other creatures, but it is merely a delay to the inevitable. Those who do not fall to us, retreat.

"I sheath my kryss and walk to the main area of the keep, and as my fellow faction members stand there, we smile at each other, not a word said, and go about our business once more. Perhaps to wait for the foolish opposition to return once again, only to be welcomed by the same fate - defeat at the hands of Minax'."

Clive W. Moonracer
We are pleased to continue to present these tales of your adventures in the world of Britannia. Join us next week as we turn our spotlight on the True Britannians faction. And as always, keep an eye on FYI for future spotlight topics!

Published: January 2001
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