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Shadowlords Under Attack
The Shadowlords: quiet, deadly, and banded together behind an unseen and unknown power. They venture forth from the ancient crypt near Yew, intent to seize final power over the lands of Felucca. Our spotlight tale this week is a brief dispatch from Bort detailing the events behind an evening siege on the Shadowlord stronghold.

 “Twas a night worth remembering. Being in the forests east of Yew, we had no city near us to bank, no close healers, nothing really...but we did have the sigils. Six of them, if I recall correctly.

“As it happened, the Circle of Mage members decided that we shouldn’t have the sigils. We had roughly fifteen members in what we dubbed the ‘main room’ -- a room beneath the sigils that has two doorways. The Circle of Magic seemed to have nearly double what we had. We had a few tricks up our sleeve, however.

“As soon as they came up the stairs, a deadly poison trap brewed a small amount of chaos and another poison trap at the entrance of the main room quenched any real attack. However, it merely delayed the inevitable, and as they finally got members around the doorway, the fighting began...

“I had three dragons and a drake with me at the time, which, I thought, would deter almost anyone from attacking. Apparently not. A few of their number attacked my dragon ‘Mo’ early on. He downed a couple in the hall before I could try to call him back, and the rest started casting on him. It was a dark day for Mo, but miraculously, he lived by flying and managing to come out on top of our stronghold.

“Soon after this initial attack, warriors were downed on both sides, and we had soon evened the odds. When only six or seven of our rivals were left standing, we rushed into the hallways to cut off their retreat and forced some into the room housing the recruiting stone. We lost only a few people to this brutal assault, and the number of bodies lain before us numbered in double-digits.

“Surely, we were lucky this time, but we will be forced to guard our distant stronghold from further attack soon, I am sure.”

Bort, Shadowlord of Atlantic
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Published: February 2001
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