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Galen and Midnight
A chance meeting. A passing glance. A tentative invitation to the hunt. Love often begins in the merest random moment, in the world of Britannia and beyond. Our spotlight this week focuses on the recollections of Galen Wilding, and the briefest of meetings that grew into much more.

"I met her outside of Vesper...

"The winds blew a melodic tune across the tress and bridges of Vesper. I reigned in Equinox, my nightmare, and slid the blade of my longsword neatly into its scabbard. With a comforting whisper it rested, and I took Equinox into a light canter, eager to be within the city walls before darkness called it knell upon the realm.

"As I rode past the houses and the vendors scattered across the banks of the river, I saw her from a distance. The setting sun sent a cascade of light across her waist-long hair, and she stood there, silently, ignoring all the world save for that piece of it that held her attention so completely.

I moved Equinox in closer to her, concerned at first for her well being, or so I told myself. In truth, I was mesmerized by her. She stood so placidly amidst the chaos and entropy of the realm, as though all the land were a hurricane thundering about her, though she stood as its center, calm and resolute in spite of it all.

"There was something about her that almost made me ride off; a certain peace the begged to be left alone, though in truth I could no more have turned then away than if I had bounty to remain. I did not want to go and would have given all the realm to stay. 'Twas by the grace of the Gods that I could not find the strength to move on, without passing a word to her.

"'Are you well, M'lady?' I asked, a halting reticence in my voice. She turned lightly upon me, as though she had been expecting to see me there upon my steed. As she moved to face me, the sun framed her angelic features in the most wondrous of hues, and were I not her servant before, I was without doubt, so then.

"She spoke to me, I am sure, though what words she uttered escape me now. In that instant, my life was forever altered. I may never recall her exact tone, or the precise lilt of her features, but in this exists the truth as well that I shall always remember that moment, until this life abandons me, and without doubt, beyond.

"We hunted that day together, riding the lands in each other's company, both content to be so. She had ne'er lifted a blade before, nor ridden a horse, and I was able to hide my infatuation with the task of teaching her progressions of such things. For this I was grateful, for the mundane tasks that we held to that day kept me from the brink of madness, so taken with her was I.

In the months that followed, I taught her much of the ways of Britannia, though she, in truth taught me more. What price the lessons of love? I may have wielded a sword with practiced ease, but the ways of the heart were as distant to me then as my life then seems to me now. She hath guided my wild heart to still waters, and gifted me with the peace of love.

"I often think as I sit on the porch of the house we built together, that fate indeed carries with it no end of irony. A man of battle and blood, of warfare and violence, calmed to a life of peace and compassion, for the love he thought he could never find.

"Lady Midnight Serene, I offer thee my love; I offer thee my life, in this realm and the next. I swear my heart to thee and thy dreaming, and know that I shall hold this heart to its vow.

"You are forever in my heart, and my heart is forever yours.

"Lady Midnight and I met in real life three years ago, and most recently have come to know the love we imagined in Britannia.

"She is my heart, in that world and this. "


Galen Wilding
We appreciate the opportunity to share the stories of your adventures and enjoyment of Britannia. Due to overwhelming response, we hope you'll join us again next week when we bring you yet another tale of love within the world of Ultima Online. As always, keep an eye on FYI for upcoming Spotlight topics and the chance to share your own tales with the Ultima Online community.

Published: February 2001
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