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Abyssmal Horror Acid Elemental Agapite Elemental Air Elemental Alligator Ancient Lich Ant Lion Arcane Demon Arctic Ogre Lord Baldron (Elder Daemon) Barracoon the Piper Bear, Black Bear, Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Polar Betrayer Bird Black Solen Infiltrator Queen Black Solen Infiltrator Warrior Black Solen Queen Black Solen Warrior Black Solen Worker Blackthorn Juggernaut Blade Spirit Blood Elemental Boar Bog Thing Bogling Bone Demon Brigand Leader Brigands Bronze Elemental Bull Bullfrog Cat Centaur Chaos Demon Chaos Dragoon Chaos Dragoon Elite Chicken Copper Elemental Corpser Cougar Cow Crystal Elemental Cursed (Undead Brigand) Cyclops Daemon Darknight Creeper Deep Sea Serpent Demon Knight Devourer of Souls Dog Dolphin Doppleganger Dragon Dragon (Elder Wyrm) Dragon (Shadow Wyrm) Dragon (White Wyrm) Drake Dread Spider Dull Copper Elemental Eagle Earth Elemental Efreet Elder Gazer Energy Vortex Enslaved Gargoyle Ethereal Warrior Ettin Evil Mage Evil Mage Lord Executioner Exodus Minion Exodus Overseer Fire Elemental Fire Gargoyle Fire Steed Flesh Golem Flesh Renderer Frost Ooze Frost Spider Frost Troll Gargoyle Gargoyle Destroyer Gargoyle Enforcer Gazer Gazer Larva Ghost Ghoul Giant Beetle Giant Black Widow Giant Ice Serpent Giant Ice Worm Giant Rat Giant Scorpion Giant Snake Giant Spider Giant Toad Gibberling Goat Goat, Mountain Golden Elemental Golem Golem (Tinkered) Golem Controller Gore Fiend Gorilla Great Hart Grimmoch Drummel Harpy Harpy (Stone) Headless Hell Cat Hell Cat, Large Hell Hound Hellsteed Hind Horde Demon Horse (Pack) Horse (Rideable) Ice Elemental Ice Fiend Ice Serpent Imp Impaler Jukan Lord Jukan Mage Jukan Warrior Ki-rin Kraken Lava Lizard Lava Serpent Lich Lich Lord Lizard Man Llama Llama (Pack) Llama (Ridable) Lord Oaks Lysander Gathenwale Meer Captain Meer Eternal Meer Mage Meer Warrior Mephitis Moloch Mongbat Mongbat, Weak Morg Bergen Mound of Maggots Mummy Neira the Necromancer Nightmare Ogre Ogre Lord Ophidian Archmage Ophidian Knight Ophidian Mage Ophidian Queen Ophidian Warrior Orc Orc (frightened) Orc Bomber Orc Brute Orc Captain Orc Chopper Orc Lord Orc Mage Orc Scout Ostard, Desert Ostard, Forest Ostard, Frenzied Panther Patchwork Skeleton Phoenix Pig Pixie Plague Beast Plague Beast Lord Plague Spawn Poison Elemental Quagmire Rabbit Rabbit, Jack Rat Rat Man Rat Shaman Rat, Sewer Ratman Archer Ravager Reaper Red Solen Infiltrator Queen Red Solen Infiltrator Warrior Red Solen Queen Red Solen Warrior Red Solen Worker Restless Soul Revenant Ridgeback Ridgeback, Savage Rikktor Rotting Corpse Sand Vortex Savage Savage Rider Savage Shaman Sea Serpent Semidar Serpentine Dragon Shadow Fiend Shadow Iron Elemental Shadow Knight Shadow Steed Shadow Wisp Sheep Silvani Silver Serpent Skeletal Dragon Skeleton Skeleton Knight Skeleton Mage Skittering Hopper Slime Snake (ice) Snake (lava) Snake (small) Snow Elemental Snow Leopard Spectral Armor Sphinx Stone Gargoyle Succubus Swamp Dragon Swamp Tentacles Tavara Sewel Tentacles of the Harrower Terathan Avenger Terathan Drone Terathan Matriarch Terathan Warrior The Harrower The True Harrower Titan Treefellow Troll Unicorn Valorite Elemental Vampire Bat Verite Elemental Vorpal Bunny Wailing Banshee Walrus Wanderer of the Void Wandering Healer War Horse Water Elemental Whipping Vine Wisp Wolf, Dire Wolf, Grey Wolf, Timber Wolf, White Wyvern Zealot of Khaldun Knight Zealot of Khaldun Mage Zombie
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