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Acid Elemental
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Acid Elemental
Created from highly-acidic pools of swamp-water, the acid elemental is a dangerous foe with the ability to burn your skin with its touch and cast a high level of harmful spells. It appears humanoid in shape, with a dense green cloud of acid that surrounds it at all times, and can be found wandering the swamplands of Britannia.

Acid Elemental 
Alignment EVIL 
Fame 10000 
Karma -10000 
Strength 326-355 
Intelligence 271-295 
Dexterity 66-85 
Hit Points 196-213 
Mana INT 
Stamina DEX 
Base Damage* 9-15 
Physical 25% 
Other Fire 50%, Energy 25% 
Wrestling  70.1-90.0 
Anatomy  30.3-60.0 
Tactics  80.1-90.0 
Resist Spells  60.1-75.0 
Magery  70.1-85.0 
Evaluate Intelligence  70.1-85.0 
Physical 45%-55% 
Fire 40%-50% 
Cold 20%-30% 
Energy 30%-40% 
Poison 10%-20% 
*Base Damage is not the total amount of damage a creature can inflict on its foe; it merely shows the amount of damage it is capable of doing without taking into consideration the level of its skills and stats. Skills and stats (Strength, Anatomy, Tactics, etc.) add bonuses to the base damage.
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