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Rat Man
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Rat Man
Surely the product of some foul sorcery, the rat man truly has the features of a rat, but walks about like a man. Rat men wear garments, wield weapons and give every sign of possessing intelligence. They are vicious, thieving creatures, and cowards if pressed in battle.

Rat Man 
Name(s) Ccketakiki, Chachak, Chachaktak, Chackuk, Chak, Chaki, Chaki, Chakreki, Chaktuki, Chakukki, Charitiki, Chatuki, Chectik, Chectik, Chek, Chekeckaki, Cheki, Chekkakii, Cherek, Chetak, Chetickuki, Chiackukk, Chichachak, Chichak, Chichak, Chichoki, Chichoki, Chickek, Chickek, Chickeki, Chickeki, Chickekiaki, Chikavi, Chikchickeki, Chikckak, Chikek, Chiketckuki, Chiki, Chikitchaki, Chiktaki, Chiritchek, Chitaviok, Chokchak, Chokirek, Chotechiki, Ckak, Ckek, Ckekckuki, Ckeki, Ckekickuk, Ckikhiki, Ckikicheki, Ckukchik, Ckukichek, Ctiktik, Dachek, Dackatuki, Dactuk, Dafactik, Deckarreki, Deektuk, Defetav, Dekckuk, Detckiki, Detckuki, Detik, Dicchok, Dickiki, Dikfachok, Ditecckek, Diwarek, Eachik, Eactiki, Ecckkekek, Eckaki, Eckechakiki, Ecketak, Ecterek, Ectuk, Eekckuk, Eektuk, Eicchiki, Eickuki, Ekiuki, Etakheki, Etavchiki, Etckuki, Etik, Fachchekiok, Fachok, Fackak, Fackek, Fackik, Factavi, Factik, Fecckik, Fechaki, Feractav, Fetav, Fetckiki, Firchik, Firecheki, Fireki, Fitactaki, Fitaki, Fitcheki, Frecckeki, Hekckeki, Hiki, Hikitchaki, Hokchek, Ikchaki, Iki, Kackak, Kactavi, Kadicchok, Kakhoki, Kaki, Kakiki, Karrekichoki, Katukickek, Kecckik, Kechaki, Kekachek, Kekachik, Kekkik, Kicchiki, Kichak, Kickak, Kidikiki, Kietik, Kik, Kikechokii, Kikiaki, Kiktaki, Kirchik, Kireki, Kireki, Kitak, Kitaki, Kitavi, Kitcheki, Ktukchok, Kukeckaki, Kuki, Kukiecckak, Rackek, Ractav, Ratitchaki, Recckeki, Recheki, Rekchectik, Reki, Rektav, Rektavi, Retchectik, Reteckaki, Retituki, Rikchickek, Rikecckak, Ritchek, Ritchekckiki, Ritiki, Ritikituk, Tackik, Tactaki, Tactikiv, Tadectuk, Tak, Tak, Taki, Taki, Taktav, Tavchichoki, Taviactak, Taviectuk, Tecckek, Techiki, Techikickik, Teckak, Tedetik, Tekactiki, Tekchichak, Tickukitaki, Tictak, Tidetckuki, Tikckek, Tikickeki, Titchaki, Tituki, Tukckaki, Tukitiki, Tukituki, Vachichak, Vackuk, Vactak, Vaveckaki, Vechoki, Vectaki, Vevactak, Vevitavi, Vitavi, Vitchak, Vitituki, Vivackuk, Vivitchak, Vovechoki, Warek, Warreki, Wecckak, Weckaki, Wedachek, Wikchichoki, Wochickeki 
Alignment EVIL 
Fame 1500 
Karma -1500 
Strength 96 - 120 
Intelligence 36 - 60 
Dexterity 81 - 100 
Hit Points 58 - 72 
Mana INT 
Stamina DEX 
Base Damage* 4 - 5 
Physical 100% 
Wrestling  50.1 - 75.0 
Tactics  50.1 - 75.0 
Resist Spells  35.1 - 60.0 
Physical 25% - 30% 
Fire 10% - 20% 
Cold 10% - 20% 
Energy 10% - 20% 
Poison 10% - 20% 
*Base Damage is not the total amount of damage a creature can inflict on its foe; it merely shows the amount of damage it is capable of doing without taking into consideration the level of its skills and stats. Skills and stats (Strength, Anatomy, Tactics, etc.) add bonuses to the base damage.
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