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Bear, Brown
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Bear, Brown
The most common sort of bear has no love of man, and will usually flee at his approach. Black and brown bears' favorite habitations are those places where forests (with good hunting) abut low, rocky hills (which provide caves or othersafe dens). They are peaceful hunters of fish, insects and honey (which they love), but if pressed will attack with a strength and tenacity many times that of a man. Some forest-folk have, since ancient times, hunted the bear with respect and great ritual, in the old belief that, by eating the flesh of the bear, they can partake also of its strength.

Bear, Brown 
Alignment NEUTRAL 
Fame 450 
Strength 76 - 100 
Intelligence 23 - 47 
Dexterity 26 - 45 
Hit Points 46 - 60 
Stamina DEX 
Minimum Skill to Tame 41.1 
Follower Slots
Pack Instinct Bear 
Favorite Foods fish, fruit, crops, meat 
Base Damage* 6 - 12 
Physical 100% 
Wrestling  40.1 - 60.0 
Tactics  40.1 - 60.0 
Resist Spells  25.1 - 35.0 
Physical 20% - 30% 
Fire 0% 
Cold 15% - 20% 
Energy 0% 
Poison 10% - 15% 
*Base Damage is not the total amount of damage a creature can inflict on its foe; it merely shows the amount of damage it is capable of doing without taking into consideration the level of its skills and stats. Skills and stats (Strength, Anatomy, Tactics, etc.) add bonuses to the base damage.
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