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Rat, Sewer
Wherever man goes, rat follows in his multitudes. These vermin greatly fear the light or the approach of a man, yet they are always lurking in the shadows, even in the cleanest of cities, ready to feast on anything that mankind might cast away or leave unguarded. The healers tell us that we should fear rats above all other monsters or sorcery, for they carry and spread a multitude of loathsome diseases.

Rat, Sewer 
Alignment EVIL 
Fame 300 
Karma -300 
Intelligence 6 - 10 
Dexterity 25 
Hit Points
Stamina DEX 
Minimum Skill to Tame 0.0 
Follower Slots
Favorite Foods meat, fish, eggs, fruit, crops 
Base Damage* 1 - 2 
Physical 100% 
Wrestling  5.0 
Tactics  5.0 
Resist Spells  5.0 
Physical 5% - 10% 
Fire 0% 
Cold 0% 
Energy 5% - 10% 
Poison 15% - 25% 
*Base Damage is not the total amount of damage a creature can inflict on its foe; it merely shows the amount of damage it is capable of doing without taking into consideration the level of its skills and stats. Skills and stats (Strength, Anatomy, Tactics, etc.) add bonuses to the base damage.
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