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Savage Rider
Highly skilled savage males often tame and ride a ridgeback, making them deadly in combat. From the backs of these quick-footed bipeds the savage warrior can easily take on multiple opponents as well as large monsters and rarely lose. So skilled are the riders at mounted combat that it is said the only way to survive the encounter is to separate the warrior from his ridgeback. Most riders have trained their mounts to stomp the ground as a defensive maneuver but also to knock an enemy on their backs to deliver the final blow.

Savage Rider 
Name(s) Kahl, Ghrom, Ogger, Vek, Sai'ge, Groov'h, Khaonem, Malen, Atar, Aicee, Vaype, Halex, Yar, Hanz, Evocah, Bishor, Jelak, Adrok, Praphut, Usile, Sann, Sabba, Prie, Atuk, Chaca, ShoJo, Baccu, Bonkie, Alli 
Alignment EVIL 
Fame 1000 
Karma -1000 
Strength 151 - 170 
Intelligence 51 - 65 
Dexterity 92 - 130 
Hit Points STR 
Mana INT 
Stamina DEX 
Base Damage* 1 - 8 
Physical 100% 
Swordsmanship  72.5 - 95.0 
Mace Fighting  72.5 - 95.0 
Fencing  72.5 - 95.0 
Tactics  72.5 - 95.0 
Resist Spells  72.5 - 95.0 
Poisoning  60.0 - 82.5 
Healing  60.3 - 90.0 
Physical 0% 
Fire 0% 
Cold 0% 
Energy 0% 
Poison 0% 
*Base Damage is not the total amount of damage a creature can inflict on its foe; it merely shows the amount of damage it is capable of doing without taking into consideration the level of its skills and stats. Skills and stats (Strength, Anatomy, Tactics, etc.) add bonuses to the base damage.
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