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Bone Demon
Bone Demons are similar in appearance to many of the skeletal creatures you might find in Britannia, but that's as far as the resemblance goes. These are cunning creatures, backed up by a good amount of strength and a strong fighting ability. They can be found wandering the halls of Dungeon Doom and are usually accompanied by their lesser minions, Patchwork Skeletons. With a high resistance to cold and complete immunity to poison, their thick boney frames are tough to damage; even with steel, it might take a good amount of time to fell this foe.

Bone Demon 
Alignment EVIL 
Fame 20000 
Karma -20000 
Strength 1000 
Intelligence 171 - 220 
Dexterity 151 - 175 
Hit Points 3600 
Mana INT 
Stamina DEX 
Base Damage* 34 - 36 
Physical 50% 
Other Cold 50% 
Wrestling  100.0 
Tactics  100.0 
Resist Spells  50.1 - 75.0 
Magery  77.6 - 87.5 
Evaluate Intelligence  77.6 - 87.5 
Meditation  100.0 
Physical 75% 
Fire 60% 
Cold 90% 
Energy 60% 
Poison 100% 
Special Abilities
Ability Immune to level 5 poison and below. 
Ability Cannot be provoked onto others. 
Ability Cannot be calmed by the peacemaking skill. 
*Base Damage is not the total amount of damage a creature can inflict on its foe; it merely shows the amount of damage it is capable of doing without taking into consideration the level of its skills and stats. Skills and stats (Strength, Anatomy, Tactics, etc.) add bonuses to the base damage.
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